Registration Deadline:
May 01, 2015

International Middle School Combine

By Invitation Only

7th-8th Grade Boys

May 9 - May 10, 2015

*Camp Fee:   $315.00

Legends Sports Complex
602 Pruitt Road
The Woodlands, Texas 77380

Player Check-in: 11:00 AM

Saturday May 9, 201512:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sunday May 10, 20157:30 AM - 1:00 PM

The IMSC is the standard for elite middle school talent camps. This is an invite only camp and we take players on a first respond basis. We may invite 150 players but will only take the first 100 to register and pay. On average we have 6-7 McDonalds All American committee voters watching these kids before they ever play a single high school game. The best of the best are trained and tested here in Houston.

• Each Camp Participant Will Receive Camp Memento

• A meal served to Players around 4:30pm on Saturday Only

• Education Sessions by Knowledgeable Guest Speakers

• Team and Individual Evaluation

• 8 Stations with Two (2) Coaches Per Station

• Staff of Former Professional and College Players

• 5 Competitive Games

• Evaluation Services

NO REFUNDS - Refunds will be a credit to a future JLE camp/clinic of the Players age group. (Excluding the Camps that are by Invitational Only)
Public Admission: $15 Day Pass

Fairfield Inn and Suites Houston The Woodlands South
24485 Interstate 45
Spring, TX 77380

2015 John Lucas Enterprises ROOM BLOCK

* May 08-09 2015

Double Queen Rooms
$119.00 per night plus taxes
RATE above includes full hot breakfast

Call 281-719-8460 to reserve and get this special rate.

Group Code: John Lucas Enterprises

Cancellations 72 Hours prior to check in

George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport - IAH

2800 N Terminal Rd Houston, TX 77032

William P. Hobby Airport

7800 Airport Blvd Houston, TX 77061

Chase Adams More Than Lives Up to the Hype at John Lucas International Middle School Combine

Written by: Clark Francis (Hoopscoop)   May 12, 2014

He didn’t score a single point in his first game and he got hurt taking a charge early in the second game on the final day of actioin at this year’s John Lucas Resources International Middle School Combine, which was held over the weekend at Legends in The Woodland, TX. But 5’2 8th Grader Chase Adams from Chicago, IL still left little doubt about whether he was the best player in camp, as he consistently made his teammates better, played excellent defense, and more than lived up to his #1-ranking nationally in the Class of 2018 by the HOOP SCOOP. He also displayed tremendous ball handling and passing skills, was extremely quick off the dribble, showed tremendous poise and great leadership qualities, and he even continued to play after temporarily being sidelined due to the above mentioned injury while matched against 5’0 7th Grader Sahvir Wheeler from Houston, TX, who was one of the top point guards in camp. And to make this story even more interesting is the fact that Adams stole the ball from Wheeler on three occasions early in the game and he also did great job of staying in front of 5’10 7th Grader Tyger Campbell from Nashville TN, who was another one of the top point guards in camp, and denying him the opportunity to slash to the basket and take advantage of his size to score easy baskets. Adams also was too quick for Campbell to guard at the offensive end, but he missed four or five shots early in the game and stopped looking to score. However. it’s hard to criticize somebody for being too unselfish in a setting like this and, with normal growth and development, Adams appears to be well on his ways toward becoming one of the best point guards to ever play the game.

The other guy really stood out at the John Lucas Resources International Middle School Combine was 6’5 8th Grader Reginald Chaney from Plano, TX and, what makes this even more impressive, is the fact that when we saw him he was matched-up against 6’6 8th Grader Ladarius Marshall from Jackson, MS, who is a beast inside and, just like Chaney, is a thoroughbred in transition. However, Chaney appears to have really improved his ball handling skills in the open court and he did a great job of running the court, getting more than his share of rebounds, finding an open teammate, and going strong to the basket and finishing around the rim. There also was 6’5 8th Grader L. Christian Smith from Dayton, OH, who arguably was the most versatile player in camp, as well as one of the best players that we saw in the stations and drills. He has good ball handling and passing skills, excellent speed and quickness, goes strong to the basket, is tough on the boards, and has the size necessary to be very effective around the basket. He also was a dominant force in the game that we saw, which explains why he was clearly one of the biggest surprises of the entire camp (he is currently ranked #136 nationally in the Class of 2018 by the HOOP SCOOP). And, of course, there was 6’5 8th Grader DeShang Williams-Weaver from Houston, TX, who is versatile enough to play both inside and outside, has a soft tough around the basket, knocks down the three, and has great length and is very active on the boards. He will need to get bigger and stronger physically, but he’s clearly one of the top five or 10 players nationally in his class, as well as the top player in the Lone Star State’s Class of 2018. The best 7th Grader and one of the top two or three prospects in the entire camp was 6’8 7th Grader Nobal Days from Racine, WI. He runs the court extremely well for somebody his size, has an incredible wing span, and blocks more than he his share of shots, and is an excellent rebounder. His game is more finesse that power right now, but he also is extremely quick around the basket, has a knack for being able to find a way to score, and plays harder and has more quickness, athleticism, and agility than more might expect from somebody so big and so young.

The other big story at this camp was the plethora of excellent point guard who were in attendance and, in addition to 5’2 8th Grader Chase Adams from Chicago, IL, 5’0 7th Grader Sahvir Wheeler from Houston, TX, and 5’10 7th Grader Tyger Campbell from Nashville, TN, guys like 5’10 8th Grader Curtis Aiken from Pittsburgh, PA, 5’8 8th Grader Tyler Bourne from Brooklyn, NY, and 6’0 8th Grader Jahvon Quinerly from Hackensack, NJ drew rave reviews. Aiken also is a chip off the old block (his father played at the University of Pittsburgh back in the mid-80′s) and, just like his father who goes by the same name, he is explosive in transition, has great court awareness, is an excellent defender, and has terrific ball handling and passing skills. Bourne is another guy who needs to continue to grow and get bigger and stronger physically and he’s almost too smooth for his own good. However, the longer you watch him, the more you realize how much he gets done and how efficient he is with his excellent ball handling and passing skills, quickness in an up tempo setting, and great court savvy and court demeanor. Quinerly is another one of the those guys who is extremely quick off the dribble, has a nice spin move in the lane, is always around the ball, and seems to have an innate sense of when to make those around him better and when to get his. He also has a great motor, isn’t afraid to pull up and knock down the outside shot, and he has the ball handling and passing skills necessary to be a very good point guard.

It also looks like 6’5 8th Grader Gavin Schoewald from Brentwood, TN is the same tough hardnosed competitor that we saw several years ago at the John Lucas Resources Future of the Game -West Camp and he also was one of the most skilled and versatile players in the came. He knows how to get his shot, has excellent ball handling and passing skills for his size and position and is very aggressive when he goes to the basket. There also weren’t too many guys in the camp with the athleticism and fluidity in the open court to match that of 6’5 8th Grader Joshua LeBlanc from Baker, LA, who made a living with high flying acrobatic moves to the basket that more often than not resulted in a spectacular dunk. He also has incredible length, is an excellent rebounder, and the fact that he’s still just 13-years-old and has a 3.5 gpa simply make him all the more intriguing. We also were impressed with the way 6’6 8th Grader Michael Barber from Jackson, MS rose to the occasion when he was matched up against 6’8 7th Grader Nobal Days from Racine, WI. Not only was he able to both score and get his share of rebounds, but he also showed that he can step out and knock down the outside shot and he displayed good ball handing and passing skills for somebody his size and position. Next on our list is guy who benefited the most from being on the same team with 5’2 8th Grader Chase Adams from Chicago, IL was 6’9 8th Grader Solomon Uyaelumno from Miramar, FL, as he got the ball on numerous occasions where he was in a position to either scorer or dish the ball to an open teammate. Uyaelunmo also has a soft touch out to mid-range, is very active around the basket, and he uses his length to be a very effective rebounder and shot blocker.

We also thought 6’4 8th Grader Qon Murphy from Charlotte, NC more than lived up to the hype, as he did a little bit of everything, including use his quickness and athleticism to score and rebound against bigger and stronger guys inside and his ball handling and passing skills and ability to hit the long range shot made him very effective out on the perimeter. It also has hard not to like the ability of 6’7 8th Grader Ethan Henderson from Little Rock, AR to use his quickness and athleticism to post-up and his aggressiveness around the basket to be an excellent rebounder and shot blocker. On the other hand, one of the biggest disappointments in camp was 7’1 8th Grader Connor Vanover from Little Rock, AR. Not only did he not seem to want to take advantage of his incredible length and size to block shots and be an intimidating presence inside, but he also missed more than his shots from out on the perimeter. However, like they say, you can’t teach size and Vanover does run the court extremely well and is surprisingly fluid and athletic for somebody his size and age. Unfortunately we can’t say the same thing about 6’9 8th Grader E.J. Williams from Middletown, OH, who, at 325 pounds, clearly was one of the least mobile players in the camp. But he does have good hands, high basket IQ, and his upside and potential is off the chart, as we’re talking about somebody who is expected to grow to at least 7’2 or 7’3 and has the heart and desire to necessary to evolve into a very good player.

The HOOP SCOOP’s Ranking of the Top 50 Players based primarily on Performance at the John Lucas Resources International Middle School Combine

1) 5’2 8th Grader Chase Adams from Chicago, IL

2) 6’5 8th Grader Reginald Chaney from Plano, TX

3) 6’5 8th Grader L. Christian Smith from Dayton, OH

4) 6’7 8th Grader DeShang Williams-Weaver from Houston, TX

5) 6’8 7th Grader Nobal Days from Racine, WI

6) 5’10 8th Grader Curtis Aiken from Pittsburgh, PA

7) 6’5 8th Grader Gavin Schoewald from Brentwood, TN

8) 6’5 8th Grader Joshua LeBlanc from Baker, LA

9) 5’8 8th Grader Tyler Bourne from Brooklyn, NY

10) 6’6 8th Grader Michael Barber from Jackson, MS

11) 5’0 7th Grader Sahvir Wheeler from Houston, TX

12) 6’9 8th Grader Solomon Uyaelumno from Miramar, FL

13) 6’0 8th Grader Jahvon Quinerly from Hackensack, NJ

14) 6’3 8th Grader Qon Murphy from Charlotte, NC-

15) 5’10 7th Grader Tyger Campbell from Nashville, TN

16) 6’7 8th Grader Ethan Henderson from Little Rock, AR

17) 6’6 8th Grader Ladarius Marshall from Jackson, MS

18) 6’5 8th Grader Shakur Daniel from Ajax, ON

19) 6’3 8th Grader Mustapha Muhammad from Missouri City, TX

20) 6’8 8th Grader Reginald Perry from Tallahassee, FL

21) 6’8 8th Grader Russell Barlow from Plano, TX

22) 5’6 8th Grader Samuel Chaput from Montreal, QU

23) 6’3 8th Grader Luther Muhammad from Newark, NJ

24) 6’6 8th Grader Roderick Smith from Crystal Springs, MS

25) 6’2 8th Grader Marquis Brown from Chicago, IL

26) 6’6 8th Grader Joseph Bush from Menifee, CA

27) 6’3 8th Grader Michael Feinberg from Chatsworth, CA

28) 6’2 8th Grader Chris Mullins from Grand Prairie, TX

29) 6’5 8th Grader Cade Southerland from Rowlett, TX

30) 5’9 8th Grader Markquis Nowell from Hazard (Cordia) KY

31) 6’4 7th Grader Rowan Barrett from Mississauga, MO

32) 6’3 8th Grader Kale Catchings from O’Fallon, MO,

33) 5’8 7th Grader Jovan Blacksher from Phoenix, AZ

34) 5’11 8th Grader D.J. Peevy from Cibola, MD,

35) 6’7 8th Grader Gabe Bryant from Summerville, SC

36) 6’1 8th Grader Taylor Turner from Bethany, OK

37) 6’3 8th Grader Noah Thomas from Cypress, TX

38) 6’7 7th Grader Jared Jones from Jacksonville, FL

39) 6’5 8th Grader Trey Moore from El Paso, TX

40) 6’5 7th Grader Raymond Hawkins from Oakland, CA

41) 6’4 8th Grader Walter Talley from Newport Beach, CA

42) 6’10 8th Grader Jason Taylor from Rock Valley, IA

43) 6’7 8tth Grader J’Raan Brooks from Seattle, WA

44) 6’9 8th Grader E.J. Williams from Middletown, OH

45) 6’3 8th GraderAtiba Taylor from Hackensack, NJ

46) 6’4 8th Grader Nikolas Bonitto from Miramar, FL

47) 6’1 8th Grader Quentin Grimes from Spring, TX

48) 6’4 8th Grader Cassius Stanley from Encino, CA

49) 5’8 8th Grader Darius Garkand from Nashville, TN

50) 7’1 8th Grader Connor Vanover from Little Rock, AR

The John Lucas International Middle School Combine

Written by: (Hoopscouting) Tate Johnson   May 10-11th, 2014

This was hands down the greatest collection of middle school talent I've seen. Each year the talent seems to get deeper and deeper combine. The size, skill, athletic ability of the kids was off the charts. John Lucas and his staff are unmatched at collecting top talent nation and world wide. I believe 33 states and some 7-8 countries were represented in Houston. This group will be talked about for a long time to come and Coach John Lucas the recruiting coordinator Brian Merritt and the rest of the staff deserves a round of applause for this group.

Top players and performers

Tyger Campbell 5-10 Nashville, TN. Got to the paint on regular basis. Great feel for the game knows how to make others better, rebounds, defends and has a competitive edge.

Chase Adams 5-0 Chicago, IL. Has all the tools, backed it up on the court, made players better around him, has the ball on a string and sees 2 plays ahead. He is being wrongfully projected by some people, let this kid be a kid and let's see what happens over time. We don't need any more Demetrius Walker stories.

Kiiwon Bradford 6-0 Phoenix, AZ. Big strong guard from out west. Is very quick and athletic in transition. Defends well when he wants has potential to be special defender. Position unclear just yet but has a knack for scoring the ball.

Marquis Brown 6-2 Chicago IL. Tough as nails, gets to the rim at will. Long arms and cat quick, may be best prospect long term in Windy City.

Curtis Aiken Jr 5-10 Pittsburg, PA. East coast point guard was really improved. Made 3s when he needed to, got everyone involved around him, has a great demeanor on the court.

J Raan Brooks 6-7 Marysville, WA. Big, strong, skilled and athletic. One of the best players coming in did nothing to change that. Rebounded, handled on the break, got to the rim for dunks. Truly elite prospect w great motor.

Cassius Stanley 6-4 Encino, CA. Top 3 athlete at the camp was human highlight reel. Over came minor injury first day to play even better the second day. Work ethic and desire to be great very rare for such a gifted athlete his age.

Antoine Davis 6' Houston, TX. Antoine showed why the year of working consistently in the John Lucas Lab has paid off. He came in a pure shooter and that hasn't changed, but he decision making has become much better and he's tenacity of both ends has definitely picked up. All that being said he's becoming that complete player.

Qon Murphy 6-2 Charlotte, NC
Qon always be considered one of the most talented players in the class, you just never knew which Qon you'll get, well this weekend we got the whole package. He played with a non stop motor, showed his inside and outside game and was aggressive on defense and attacked the glass.

Michael Feinberg 6-3 Chatsworth, CA. Big skilled guard from California who knows how to play, shoots it from deep, has great shot fake and drive. Defensively he will surprise you with his quickness.

Jamaru Brown 6-0 Raleigh, NC. Strong athletic tenacious scoring, really had his national coming out party. Competing and matching up w "name" kids from class and more than holding his own.

Grant Beucler 5-10 Rowlett, TX. Tough little guard from Dallas was one of the better shooters in the camp, and played w chip on his shoulder.

George Wilkerson III 6-5 Houston, TX. Athlete athlete athlete. Was high energy guy, skills are coming and when they develop fully he will be a problem.

Atsina Taylor 6-3 Hackensack, NJ. Skilled guard really has good feel for the game, passed it well and has smooth stroke from 3.

Jamal Edmondson 6-4 Charleston, SC. Strong forward w great energy did little things that you don see show up in stat sheet. Offensive rebounded great.

Camron Johnson 6-0 Nashville, TN. One of the best performers in the camp, flat out got it done. Scored, passed, rebounded, ran point, guarded bigger guys, was amazing, hear he is a top flight football prospect as well.

Montez Mathis 6-4 Edgewood, MD. Smooth stroking guard from Maryland was pleasant surprise. Does it all and does it well, when he realizes how good he can be watch out.

Jalen Carey 6-1, New York, NY. Shot the ball really well, handled and pushed in transition. Always in attack mode, going to be really good. Has the attitude that a lot of NYC guards been lacking over the years.

Gabe Bryant 6-8 Summerville, SC. Big country was good!! Competed, played physical, finished through fouls, made free throws, lot of ability to work with.

Joshua LBlanc 6-5 Baker, LA. Big time prospect from Louisiana. Second day was much better than first, rebounding finishing for dunks, blocking shots, was easily one of the better long term prospects at the camp.

Jonathan Kabongo 6-3 Toronto, CAN. Unbelievable prospect, lightning quick long arms, defensively a monster, got to rim regularly, made teammates better and got guys easy shots.

Shakur Daniel 6-5 Ajax, CAN. Long lean wing, had his moments shooting from deep, getting his hands on balls defensively, when he gets stronger we will really see a huge difference in his game. Major upside.

Reginald Chaney 6-5 Plano, TX. One of the better stand outs, has really improved his motor and skills improving, physically just over powered guys at camp and was a force on the glass.

Connor Vanover 7-1 Little Rock, AR. One of the most improved players I've seen in last year. Has improved in all areas of his game, long and wiry, made some 3s, very impressive outing.

Nikolas Bonito 6-4 Miami, FL. Big strong athletic guard who gets buckets. Scores in many ways, has range on shot, must improve ball handling.

Russell Bartlow 6-8, Plano, TX. Big developing big man, needs to run the floor harder and go after every rebound, good hands.

Joseph Bush 6-6 Menifee, CA. Much improved big man, good skills, high motor and competes. He looks better every time I see him.

Reginald Perry 6-8 Tallahassee, FL. Big long athlete, has good skill set for his size. Able to handle on the perimeter and on break. Needs to use body and length to get to the rim more, settles for jump shot too much.

Jason Taylor 6-10 Rock Valley, IA. Big kid with good hands, worked hard in drills. Needs to slow down a big and not rush moves in the post. Has chance to be special.

Donovan Toatley 5-2 Upper Marlboro, MD. Kid gets where ever he wants whenever he wants. Top 3 handles in camp, scored the ball well from all over, needs to look to get others involved more as a point guard, not short on ability.

LaDarius Marshall 6-5 Jackson, MS. Human Highlight Film! Led camp in dunks without having that stat kept. Needs to improve ball handling, and consistent effort on defense. Unlimited potential.

Solomon Uyaelunmo 6-9 Miramar, FL. Beast! Was awesome on the glass, finishing dunks off passes from Adams. Has excellent nose for the ball and surprisingly good timing for blocking shots for his age.

Brennan Schofield 6-7 McCordsville, IN. Big skilled with great hands. Understands how to play, uses size to his advantage. Great passer for big guy. It was fun to see a kid so young understand how to play.

DeShang Williams-Weaver 6-7 Houston, TX. One of the top prospects in camp was slowed w injury. Still was able to show 17 foot jumper, ability to finish strong at the rim, defensively he takes pride in getting stops.

Jermaine Patterson 5-8 Bluffton, SC. Scoring machine, cat quick with great hands on defense. He's definitely a headache on both sides of the ball.

E.J. Williams 6-8 Middletown, OH. Biggest kid in camp, has great hands, good touch around the rim, surprisingly good rebounder outside his area. Needs to work on lower body strength and continuing to run the floor hard.

P.J. Fuller 6-2 Seattle, WA. Long arms with good defensive hands, super quick on the break, needs to finish better at the rim. Loads of potential and seems like he'll work to reach it.

Darius Garland 5-8 Nashville, TN. Playmaker delux, great handles and knows when to shoot and when to pass. Defensively underrated but gets his share of steals and deflections.

Luis Herrera 6-4 Philadelphia, PA. Dominican import will be a problem for defenses on the east coast. Gets to the basket at will, defensively he is suffocating, big time prospect!

Chris Mullins 6-2 Grand Prairie, TX. Long armed guard with great instincts, beautiful stroke from 3, one of the top prospects in the state of Texas.

Jahvon Quinerly 6-0 Hackensack, NJ. Scorer delux, floaters, 3s, at the rim, scores from all over. He has high major PG written all over him. He likes to take the big shot and that's something you can't teach.

Gavin Schowenwald 6-5 Nashville, TN. Big, strong, athletic wing who has been a top player for a long time, some guys are catching up but he is still producing at high level. Hear he is a high level quarterback prospect as well.

Zachary Scott 6-4 Miramar, FL. Smith shooting guard makes it look easy, great stroke from 3, looking forward to seeing his progress. I loved how he never let the game get to fast for himself.

LChristian Smith 6-5 Dayton, OH. Mr Production! Rebounded, scored inside, finished on break, guarded bigs and guards. First time impression was great.

Luther Muhamad 6-3 Newark, NJ. One of the best performers based on production in 2 days. Did it all and did it with flare, big strong guard w skills will be special.

Jalen Smith 6-3 Windsor Mills, MD. Long lean Baltimore kid showed promise. Worked hard in drills, has great wingspan and ability to guard on perimeter. Needs to add strength.

Jaedon LeDee 6-5 Spring, TX. One of the best players in camp who no one heard of coming into camp, scored, dunked, handled the ball. Breakout performer!

Iman Fazande 5-11 Waggaman, LA. Pure point guard made guys better, got the ball where it needed to go, knocked down outside shots. He just has a great feel for the game.

Raymond Hawkins 6-6 Oakland, CA. Long rangy athlete, has good basketball instincts. Offensive rebounds well, as he gets stronger he will be a good one. He already plays with that Oaktown edge.

Jared Jones 6-7 Jacksonville, FL. Super long and rangy, rebounded well all weekend. Finished for dunks, has improved his motor and energy level. He knows he's good and plays like it. Reminds you of Chris Bosh.

Nobel Days 6-8 Milwaukee, WI. Skilled post moves, great hands, has a assertiveness about him when he gets the ball. Sees cutters and has great timing on blocking shots.

E.J. Jackson 5-10 Los Angeles, CA. Damon Stoudemire Jr!! Stork stocky pg who controls the game, gets the ball thru small cracks and has ridicules handles.

Rowan Barrett 6-4, Toronto, CAN. One of he best players in the camp as only a 7th grader. Skill set is far advanced, if and when he gets a killer mindset watch out.

Makani Whiteside 6-0 Los Angeles, CA. Scoring guard who played extremely well and you just knew he was going to get a bucket when he decided to. Has ability to attack to rim and get lay ups at ease.

Trendon Watford 6-6 Hoover, AL. One of the best prospects in the camp long term. Handles it well, nice stroke and ability to get to the rim. As he gets stronger and tougher he will be a monster. When he realizes how good he can be watch out.

Sahvir Wheeler 5-0 Houston, TX. Small but lethal!! Tough to contain one on one, makes plays for himself and others, defensively he has great hands for steals.

Jonathan McGriff 5-5 Bowie, MD. Scoring point guard has great court awareness and made point guard plays. Can really finish through contact. Gets in the lane and defensively was solid.

Michael Whiley 5-5 Houston, TX. Scored scored and scored some more. Really good shooter and understands how to play and space for easy shots.

Kyle Sturdivant 6-0 Atlanta, GA-Guard with scoring ability, good size, made tough shots. Improved ball handling will make him a major problem in the southeast for long time.

Other notable performers:

Tyler Bourne 5-8 2018 Brooklyn, NY

Mustapha Muhammad 6'3 2018 Missouri City, TX

Ethan Henderson 6-7 2018 Little Rock, AR

Michael Barber 6-6 2018 Jackson, MS

Christian Brown 6'3 2019 Columbia, SC

Kale Catchings 6-3 2018 O'Fallon, MO

Roderick Smith 6-6 2018 Crystal Springs, MD

Khalil Robinson 5-9 2019 Columbia, SC

Samuel Chaput 5-6 2018 Montreal, Canada

Jovan Blackshear 5-8 2019 Phoenix, AZ

Trey Moore 6-5 2018 El Paso, TX

2013 IMSC

Written by: Van Coleman   May 13, 2013

There was no clear-cut best player based on performance at the John Lucas Resources International Middle School Combine, which was held over the weekend at St. John’s High School in Houston, TX. However, when the dust had cleared, it was pretty clear that 6’2 8th Grader Jalief Felton from Mullins (H.S.) SC was the most naturally gifted player in the gym and it also is hard to argue with his world-class athleticism and incredible pedigree. If you will recall, Felton is the nephew of former North Carolina All-American Raymond Felton and now that this appears to be a trend (he had 19 points, five assists, four turnovers, five steals, 7-15 field goals, and 5-10 3-pointers and did it all within the context of the game when we saw him last December at the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC), we think that a strong case can now be made for this prolific scoring combo guard being ranked as the second best player in the class, behind 6’9 8th Grader Cody Riley from Chatsworth (Sierra Canyon Middle School) CA. He can beat you inside, outside, and from mid-range, has a terrific basketball IQ, is a real competitor, and, just like his uncle, is a class act and a great kid.

And to drive home the point even further, Felton was in pretty fast company this weekend with the likes of 6’6 8th Grader Jarred Vanderbilt from Houston, TX, 6’3 8th Grader Chris Giles from Plano, TX, 6’5 8th Grader Darren “D.J.” Harvey from Owens Cross Roads, AL, and 6’6 8th Grader P.J. Washington from Frisco, TX, all of whom ranked among the top 10 players nationally in the Class of 2017. And Harvey gets the nod as the #2-ranked player on our list below. He’s a match-up problem waiting to happen, thanks to his strength and athleticism, aggressiveness around the basket, and ability to score in a variety of ways.

We also were really impressed with 6’5 8th Grader Michael Porter from Columbia, MO, who is about 75 spots too low at #88 nationally on our current list of the top players in the Class of 2017. He clearly was one of the most competitive players in camp, has an excellent shooting touch from out on the perimeter, has great hands, and gets more than his share of rebounds. On the other hand, Porter’s high skill level shouldn’t come as much of a surprise in light of the fact that his father is an assistant coach basketball coach for the women’s team at the University of Missouri. And even more intriguing, his mother is 6’4 and she tells us that her oldest son has three younger brothers, two of whom are projected to be 7-footers, who also have a chance to be good players.

There also was 6’5 8th Grader Kelvin Calhoun from Warrenville Heights (H.S.) OH, who is a physical special and a beast inside. This also is a guy who has not previously been on our radar screen, but has surprising mobility for somebody his size, does a great job of running the court, is very aggressive on the boards, and has a knack for being able to either find a way to score or overpower the defender in the low post. Rounding out our top five-ranked players in camp was 6’6 8th Grader Jarred Vanderbilt from Houston, TX. But, quite honestly, we wanted more out of this multi-dimensional athlete. He’s almost too smooth for his own good and has not developed the outside shooting necessary for him to evolve into the perimeter player that he is projected to become. Instead, he’s more like a point/forward, as he has pretty good ball handling and passing skills, is adept at bring the ball up the court, and is a match-up problem with his size, quickness, and athleticism at the defensive end.

One more player who deserves special mention is 5’11 8th Grader Marcus Shaver from Honolulu, HI. He really knows how to score, is terrific off the dribble, is explosive in transition, has a high basketball IQ, is a tremendous competitor, and was one of the best defensive players. The fact that Shaver also just gets better and better every time we see him makes his story all the more interesting.

The HOOP SCOOP’s Ranking of the Top 50 Players based primarily on performance in the John Lucas Resources International Middle School Combine is as follows:

1) 6’2 8th Grader Jaliek Felton from Mullins, SC,

2) 6’5 8th GraderDarren “D.J.” Harvey from Owens Cross Roads, AL,

3) 6’5 8th Grader Michael Porter from Columbia, MO,

4) 6’5 8th Grader Kelvin Calhoun from Warrenville Heights, OH,

5) 6’6 8th Grader Jarred Vanderbilt from Houston, TX,

6) 5’11 8th Grader Marcus Shaver from Honolulu, HI,

7) 6’5 8th Grader D.J. Russell from Orange Park, FL,

8) 6’3 8th Grader Chris Giles from Plano, TX,

9) 6’6 8th Grader P.J. Washington from Frisco, TX,

10) 6’7 8th Grader Ira Lee form Hidden Hills, CA,

11) 6’8 8th Grader Wendell Carter from Fairburn, GA,

12) 6’1 8th Grader Deondre Bourne from Brooklyn, NY,

13) 6’5 7th Grader Ladarius Marshall from Jackson, MS,

14) 6’3 8th Grader Victor Bailey from Urbana, IL,

15) 6’8 7th Grader Oumar Keita from Jackson, MS,

16) 6’4 8th Grader Brian Bowen from Saginaw, MI,

17) 6’2 6’2 7th Grader Stanley Cassius from Encino, CA,

18) 6’5 8th Grader Nickolas Alikakos from Westchester, PA,

19) 5’10 8th Grader Ricky Nelson from Houston, TX,

20) 6’5 7th GraderMichael Barber from Jackson, MS,

21) 5’10 8th Grader Willie Herenton from Chicago, IL,

22) 5’9 6th Grader Tyger Campbell from Austin, TX,

23) 5’10 7th GraderDeven Nelson from Fountain, CO,

24) 6’3 8th Grader Kolejuan Brown from Far Rockaway, NY,

25) 5’11 8th Grader Jacob Wiley from Houston, TX,

26) 6’2 8th GraderPhilip Flory from Wisconsin Rapids, WI,

27) 5’9 7th Grader Courtney Ramey from St. Louis, MO,

28) 6’2 7th Grader Michael Feinberg from Hidden Hills, CA,

29) 6’2 8th Grader Bradley Belt from Meridianville, AL,

30) 6’1 8th Grader Charles O’Bannon from Las Vegas, NV,

31) 5’10 7th Grader Quade Green from Philadelphia, PA,

32) 6’2 7th Grader Christian Popoola from Las Vegas, NV,

33) 5’11 8th Grader Alex Fernandez from Austin, TX,

34) 6’7 8th Grader Landon Walker from Gering, NE,

35) 6’1 8th Grader Ahmad Onezime from Lafayette, LA,

36) 6’10 8th Grader Chineduvictor Uyaelumnd from Miami, FL,

37) 6’2 7th Grader Ahmad Williams from Ft Washington, MD,

38) 6’0 8th Grader Ethan Thompson from Gardena, CA,

39) 6’5 7th Grader Hunter Quick from Lake Jackson, TX,

40) 5’9 8th Grader Josh Williamsfrom Houston, TX,

41) 6’3 8th Grader Caleb Simmons from Phoenix, AZ,

42) 6’3 8th Grader Chaundee Brown from Clermont, FL,

43) 6’3 7th Grader Diante Wood from Anniston, AL,

44) 6’4 8th Grader Cody Bowes from Miami, FL,

45) 6’6 8th Grader Morningstar Takapu from Goodyear, AZ,

46) 6’7 7th Grader Russell Barlow from Garland, TX,

47) 67 7th Grader Reginald Crawford from Florissant, MO,

48) 6’5 8th Grader John Petty from Huntsville, AL,

49) 6”4 7th Grader Joseph Jones from Buffalo, NY,

50) 6’3 8th Grader Jonathan Dockery from Houston, TX

John Lucas International Middle School Combine Report

Written by: Tate Johnson   May 15, 2013

Once again I came away from the John Lucas Middle School Combine's highly impressed with the talent in attendance. You have kids representing over 25 states as far as Hawaii. Just like in past years I saw quite a few kids that will be impacting their high school teams immediately. So below is a handful of kids that I saw play and stood out to me:

Jalek Felton (Mullins,SC)

Jalek Felton 6'2 Mullins, SC 2017: He showed he has all the tools to maintain his status as one of the best players in his class for the next four years. If he gets no taller he will still be a stud. He plays with bounce, has real good court vision makes his teammates better. He handles the ball like a lead guard and the most impressive thing for me he was having fun and made sure his teammates were too.

Michael Porter 6'5 St. Louis, MO 2017: His game is way beyond his years. He doesn't rush anything and lets the game come to him. He has a pure jump shot from deep and doesn't hurt he's 6'5. All I know the skies the limit for this young fella. For those who haven't heard of this Michael Porter, well you will.

Wendell Carter 6'8 Atlanta, GA 2017: He has all the potential to be that guy. He has great length, a good body and a nice athlete. He looked so dominant at times then other times seemed he was going through the motions. I look forward over the next four years to decide which player he wants to be.

D.J. Russell 6'6 Jacksonville, FL 2017: D.J. has a chance to be special. He played at times like a grown man. He ran the floor like a greyhound and it seemed whatever came off the glass was his. He has a lot of the tools to be successful and when he really realizes it, it will be fun to watch.

Jarred Vanderbuilt 6'6 Houston, TX 2017: I was impressed both days by the big fella. He got up and down the court and got position and finished with both hands. He has a good body to fill out and get stronger.

Chris Giles 6'3 Plano, TX 2017: The nay sayers can say what they want about Chris. He may not grow and kids are going to catch him. All I know he plays like a stud and went hard all the time. He has toughness in his game to maintain level regardless of who's chasing him.

Deondre Bourne 6'1 New York, NY 2017: D was quick with the ball and for a young guard played with a nice pace. It's nice to see young player with good I.Q. You can tell when he wants he can lock a player down. Gregory Bowie 6'2 San Antonio, TX 2017: I love this kid’s attitude and the way he comes to play every day. He went through stations at game speed. He has lengthy wing span that makes him a problem on defense. He doesn't rush on the offensive either; he lets the game come to him.

Ricky Nelson 5'11 Houston, TX 2017: After watching 'Doc' so much, you kind of forget how good he is against the guards in his class in the country. He plays beyond his years. He knows how to get everybody involved and when it's time, he can go get that bucket. He plays was major confidence and that's what you need out of your PG.

Kelvin Calhoun 6'5, Warrensville Heights, OH 2017: Kevin was handful and some for his opponents. He got in the post and camped out. He knew how to get position and sit down. Once he sealed you it was over a bucket or a foul. I liked his attitude and attentiveness.

Chineduvictor Uyaelumnd 6'10 Miami, FL 2017: The big guy so raw but has so much potential. He plays like he wants it, that lets me know he's going to improve and rapidly. He contested every shot that went up in the paint and he understood at the moment defense is his bread and butter.

April 18-19, 2015

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