Registration Deadline:
August 10, 2016

Camp Right Way Chicago

7th-8th Grade Boys

August 27 - August 28, 2016

*Camp Fee:   $325.00

Quest Multi-Sport Complex
2641 W Harrison St
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Player Check-in: 11:00am - Saturday, August 29th.

Saturday August 27, 201611:00am - 8pm
Sunday August 28, 20167:30am - 12pm

Allow any 7/8 th grade boy to earn an invitation to the John Lucas International Middle School Combine (IMSC) for the top 8th and select 7th graders in the country and beyond. The camp is designed to enhance skill levels and allow a platform to showcase your talent. Scouts and staff evaluate for college recruiting services and to give input on whether a player is IMSC ready.

• Each Camp Participant Will Receive Camp Memento

• A meal served to Players around 4:30pm on Saturday Only

• Education Sessions by Knowledgeable Guest Speakers

• Team and Individual Evaluation from various Evaluation Services

• 8 Stations with Two (2) Coaches Per Station

• Staff of Former Professional and College Players

• 5 Competitive Games / Evaluation Services

• Attire: Black Compression Top and Black Shorts

NO REFUNDS - Refunds will be a credit to a future JLE camp/clinic of the Players age group. (Excluding the Camps that are by Invitational Only)
Public Admission: $15.00 Adult Day Pass / $25.00 Adult Weekend pass .... Children pass 6 year old through 18 year old $5.00 Day/$10.00 weekend pass ... 5 year old and under are Free of Charge

OHare International Airport

5600 Mannheim Rd
Chicago, IL

Adam Miller was in a Class by Himself at the John Lucas Enterprises Camp Right Way - Chicago

Written by: Clark Francis (Hoop Scoop)   September 8, 2015

It wasn't even close with regard to 6'0 8th Grader Adam Miller from Peoria, IL being the best player at John Lucas Resources Camp Right Way Chicago, which was held over the weekend at Quest Multi-Sport Complex in Chicago, IL. We're talking about somebody with big time athleticism, good ball handing and passing skills, an excellent nose for the ball and a knack for getting more than his share of rebounds, and the versatility necessary to play multiple positions. However, what Miler does best is use his explosiveness in transition and moves the basket to attack the rim and off transition, plus he also has the natural talent necessary to be be the next in a long line of great players to play in the Mac Irvin club team program.

On the other hand, when we start trying to separate players like 5'9 8th Grader Isaiah Kennedy from Beavercreek, OH, 5'1 7th Grader Kevin Miller from Chicago, IL,6'0 8th Grader Makhi White from Louisville, KY, 6'5 8th Grader Ideary Mooney from Chicago, IL, and 6'3 8th Grader Austin Andrews from Minneapolis, MN in the battle for our #2 ranking in camp, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Kennedy is an athletic point guard with excellent ball handling and passing skills, a high basketball IQ, and a knack for being able to score with his excellent moves to the basket and soft touch from behind the arc. He also has a competitive edge, is a good defender, and has the versatility necessary to play either guard spot. The other Miller (Kevin) has the speed and quickness, court savvy, high basketball IQ, knack for being able to run the show, and point guard skills necessary to follow in the footsteps of Tyler Ulis and Chase Adams and evolve into the next great point guard to hail for the Windy City. However, just like the two aforementioned players, Miller is going to have to grow at least six or seven inches if he is going to get the respect that he deserves from both scouts and college coaches alike once the recruiting process begins in earnest three or four years from now. Remember, we're talking about somebody who is just in 7th Grade, which means that time is still on his side and he's pretty darn good right now if he's being mentioned as one of the top five or six players in this camp.

White is a silky smooth athletic 2-guard and what he does best is score. He's explosive in transition, has great moves to the basket and a knack for being able to finish at the rim, can shoot the three, and is similar to both Quentin Snider, who is the best player to come out of Louisville, KY in recent years, and DeAngelo Ruseell, who has always been a scoring machine and also hailed from White's hometown prior to spending his last three years of high school at Montverde Academy. Mooney clearly was the best big man in camp and he knows how to use his body to be a match-up problem around the basket. He also is a very good rebounder, finishes strong around the basket, and his upside and potential are off the chart, especially if he continues to grow and refine his post moves. Andrews is a blue collar white kid who isn't afraid to mix it up inside, plus he has excellent moves and a knack for being able to finish around the basket, is a very effective rebounder and has a great nose for the ball on the offensive boards, and sets more than his share of picks and screen,

And rounding out our list of the top 10-ranked players in camp are 5'11 8th Grader Jaden Williams from Chicago, IL, 5'8 7th Grader Keshawn Williams from Sauk Village, 6'0 8th Grader Tyler Beard from Broadview, IL and 5'6 7th Grader Kareem Swain from Hamilton, OH. Williams has a good combination of strength and athleticism, which makes him tough to stop when he has the ball in transition and gets to the rim. He also gets more than his share of rebounds at both ends of the court and is a total beast at the defensive end. The other Williams (Keshawn) needs to get bigger and stronger physically, but he also falls into the big time athlete, explosive in transition, and attack the basket mold. Beard is a multi-dimensional athletic wing with good body control and the ability to get to the basket, pull-up from mid-range, and knock down the jumper from beyond the arc. Swain is an athletic 2-guard and he clearly was one of the best outside shooters in camp.

We also thought 5'10 7th Grader Nimari Burnett from Chicago, IL was one of the better players in camp and liked his skill level, ability to score in a variety of ways, and the fact that he's versatile enough to play multiple positions. However, we are not sure if he's quite as good as the hype (he's supposed to be the best rising 7th Grader in the state and his name can be found on the national radar screen when one starts looking at various rankings). It also was hard not to be impressed with the athleticism, the great body control, and the ability of 6'1 8th Grader Isaiah Moseley from Toronto, ON to go coast-to-coast and make a living off transition. Another guy who drew more than a few oohs and aahs with his good ball handing and passing skills, excellent court vision, and quickness off the dribble was 5'8 8th Grader Marcus Collins from Seattle, WA. And, of course, there was 6'45 8th Grader Grayson Therron from Wheaton, IL, who impressed us with his size, skills, mobility, ability to score around the basket, and the fact that he was very active on the boards.

It also was clear that 5'11 8th Grader Jeremy Baker from Kokomo, IN more than made up for his lack of size in the post with his big hands, aggressiveness on the boards, and ability to score in the post and that 6'0 8th Grader Gavyn Elkamit from Pittsburg, KS was one of the better pont guard in camp, thanks to his excellent speed and quickness, silky smooth demeanor, and knack for being able to get to the basket and finish at the rim. The size and athleticism of 6'4 8th Grader James Wilborn from Mt. Morris, IL also was very intriguing, but he is very raw offensively, needs to learn to play harder, and must finish better when he's around the rim. Another guy who didn't finish as well as we might like was 5'8 7th Grader Joshua Joiner from Chicago, IL. However, it was hard not to be impressed with his quickness and athleticism, ability to go coast-to-coast, and the fact that he is very good at getting to the rim. We also don't want to forget about 6'2 8th Grader Jace Howard from Miami, FL, who has excellent athleticism, the versatility necessary to play multiple positions, and an impressive pedigree (his father is Juwan Howard).

We also thought 5'0 8th Grader Omari Bender from Chicago, IL more than made up for his lack of size with his spunk, speed and quickness, and the fact that he was not afraid to pull the trigger from well behind the arc. This also is probably a good place to mention 5'4 8th Grader Christopher Sims from Hampton, VA, who has good quickness and athleticism and can both shoot and slash, and 5'8 7th Grader Carter Whitt from Raleigh, NC, who is another guy who just knows who to play and impressed us with his good ball handling and passing skills, ability to knock down the outside shot, and excellent court savvy and high basketball IQ. And last, but not least, is 5'7 8th Grader Joshua Davis from Munster, IN, who needs strength and toughness, but still got a lot done, thanks to his length, athleticism, and quickness to the basket.

2015 Camp Righ Way - Chicago

Written by: Darnell "Tate" Johnson   September 6, 2015

This year’s camp had the highest participation of any Chicago camp so far. The highlight of the camp was, once again, guard play. It seems like guard play is getting better from top to bottom year in and year out. Even though the camp was held in Chicago, it had camp participants representing 24 states from as far as the state of Washington all the way to the state of New York.

Below is just a few participants that stood out to me:

Adam Miller 6' 2020 (Christ Lutheran) Peoria, IL
Adam gets better every time I see him play. He's one of the most competitive kids I've seen at his age. He loves to compete. He can score from deep or take you to the cup and finish with either hand. He showed he can hit the floater and knocked down the mid-range jump shot with ease. There's no way, he shouldn't be an immediate impact when he steps on the high school court as a freshman.

Ahron Ulis 5'5 2020 (Colin Powell Middle School) Matteson, IL
He played with the confidence of a pure PG, who knows how to run a team and knows where all the players should be. He very rarely forced anything and he was great at keeping his teammates involved every time he was on the court. He has a nice stroke and range on his jump shot and looked very comfortable navigating in the paint.

Joshua Davis 5'7 2020 (Wilbur Wright Middle School) Munster, IN
Josh remained attacking the basket. He played with a good pace and had a shift in gears. He showed me the step back jumper with consistency. He could score in a variety of ways. He showed he could be a lock down defender when he wanted to.

Austin Andrew 6'3 2020 (Maranatha Christian Academy) Maple Grove, MN
Austin was, by far, one of the most polished players in camp. He would be one of the few players in camp, that I would say, will make an immediate impact on his high school team, because of his length, size and skill set. He has a nice mid-range shot and can knock down the 3 ball. He scores around the basket with ease, with either hand. He should have a tremendous high school career.

Ideary Mooney 6'5 2020 (Woodson Elementary) Chicago, IL
Big fella has something you can't teach a kid, height and size. He has very high ceiling and the sky’s the limit, if he wants it. When he wanted to, he dominated on both ends. He was just physically over powering. He has very good touch around the basket and when he wanted to, looked good running the floor. Only knock on him was, at times, he looked bored and act like he didn't want to be here.

Jared Lopez 6' 2020 (Goodrich Middle) Lincoln, NE
Jared's energy was through the roof. He was definitely one of the most athletic kids in the camp. He stayed aggressive on both ends. He was bouncy and ran the floor like a greyhound. He definitely needs individual training to help round out his game.

Isaiah Mosely 6'1 2020 (Vaughan Secondary School) Toronto, VA
The young fella has a good body and works hard. He has decent handles and was good at getting to where he wants on the floor. He needs work on his jump shot.

Bryce Hall 6'1 2020 (Beasley Academic Center) Chicago, IL
Bryce knows how to get buckets. He gets in the lane with ease in transition and in the half court set. When he wanted to, at times, he looked like the best players on the court and at other times, was just going through the motion. He has all the tools to become that guy.

Gavyn Elkamil 6' 2020 (Pittsburg Community Middle) Pittsburg, KS
Gavyn has all the skills to become a very good player. He gets buckets, has decent handles, and can play defense when he wants. He just has to become more positive and play with more energy.

Omari Bender 4'8 2020 (Beasley Academic Center) Chicago, IL
I loved the little fella. He doesn't let his height deter him. I called him the diminutive dynamo. He's charismatic with crazy handles. For his size, he was able to get off his shot. He knocked down the 3 ball with confidence and consistency. He has very good court vision.

James Wilburn 6'4 2020 (Mt Morris Jr. HS) Mt. Morris, MI
James is a goon. He has a great body and is very physical. He just punished players in the paint. His skill set is less to be desired, but he more than makes up for that with effort. He has to get back in the lab and work on fundamentals and his game can make leap and bounds.

David Moreano 6'2 2020 (Buffett Middle School) Elkhorn, NE
I like David's game a lot. He wasn't very flashy and played solid all weekend. He's a lefty that plays crafty and makes positive play after positive play. He knows his way around the basket.

Nimari Burnett 5'10 2020 (Beasley Academic Center) Chicago, IL
Nimari has good length and a bouncy game. He has decent handles and loves to get in the lane and finish. He stayed active on both ends and showed flashes of what kind of defense player he could be. He needs work on his jump shot, but showed a soft touch.

Isaiah Kennedy 5'9 2020 (Wayne Middle) Beavercreek, OH
Isaiah's very athletic and physical. I love how he forces his will on you on the defensive end. He has a great body and he knows how to use it in the paint. It's hard to keep him away from his spots.

Jeremy Baker 5'11 2020 (Maple Crest) Kokomo, IN
Jeremy played with a non-stop motor from the time he stepped on the court. He was very aggressive throughout camp and has a good body and knows how to use it. He knew his money was getting in the paint and that’s where he lived.

Ford Cooper 5'10 2020 (American Online High School) Weddington, NC
Ford is a big guard transitioning to the PG position. He showed, at times, he could run a team and can make good decisions. A few times he struggled with turners and went into scorer first mode. As he continues to grow at the position, his game can reach new heights.

Jai Smith 5'6 2020 (Simpson Middle) Marietta, GA
Jai made his mark on the defensive end. He locked up from end to end. He was a good ball handler and was good at getting the ball from coast to coast with ease. He didn't have great range on his jump shot, but consistently knocked down from mid-range.

Grayson Therron 6'5 (Franklin Middle) Wheaton, IL
Grayson has a high ceiling and much potential. His game is still raw, but he plays with a high motor and looks to only get better. He did other things beside score to help his team win. He rebounded on both ends and was always trying to protect the basket. He's one of those players I hope to see keep coming back to camp, so I can measure and watch the growth in his game.

Anthony Torrelli 6'1 2020 (St. Augustine) New York, NY
Anthony was one of those kids you can tell enjoyed camp. He played hard all the time and played within himself. He knew his money was around the basket and he lived there. He showed he could hit the open jumper. Anthony just knows how to play the game.

Carter Whitt 5'8 2021 (Trinity Academy of Raleigh) Raleigh, NC
The young fella plays beyond his years. He seems always in complete control and plays with very good patience. I loved his I.Q. all camp. He left camp with confidence and swag that will allow his game to keep flourishing. I'll be watching out for you young fella.

Marcus Collins 5'8 2021 (Cascade) Seattle, WA
Marcus is a good size PG that has good handles and makes good decisions with the ball. He kept his mistakes to a minimum, every time I watched him play. He has nice range on his jump shot and showed he can knock down the floater.

Jaylin Gibson 5'9 2021 (Field Middle School) Evanston, IL
Jaylin has some swag about himself. He can play and he knows it. He has good court vision and he's quick and gets buckets.

Kevin Miller 5'1 2021 (Providence Englewood) Chicago, IL
Kevin may be short, but plays with mad heart. He's electrifying with the ball and from coast to coast was one of the quickest guards in the camp. When he realizes he can do a lot of positive things he does, without all the flair all the time, his game will really start to evolve.


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