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Camp Right Way Chicago

7th-8th Grade Boys

August 29 - August 30, 2015

*Camp Fee:   $315.00

Quest Multi-Sport Complex
2641 W Harrison St
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Player Check-in: 11:00am - Saturday, August 29th.

Saturday August 29, 201511:00am - 8pm
Sunday August 30, 20157:30am - 12pm

Allow any 7/8 th grade boy to earn an invitation to the John Lucas International Middle School Combine (IMSC) for the top 8th and select 7th graders in the country and beyond. The camp is designed to enhance skill levels and allow a platform to showcase your talent. Scouts and staff evaluate for college recruiting services and to give input on whether a player is IMSC ready.

• Each Camp Participant Will Receive Camp Memento

• A meal served to Players around 4:30pm on Saturday Only

• Education Sessions by Knowledgeable Guest Speakers

• Team and Individual Evaluation from various Evaluation Services

• 8 Stations with Two (2) Coaches Per Station

• Staff of Former Professional and College Players

• 5 Competitive Games / Evaluation Services

• Attire: Black Compression Top and Black Shorts

NO REFUNDS - Refunds will be a credit to a future JLE camp/clinic of the Players age group. (Excluding the Camps that are by Invitational Only)
Public Admission: $15.00 Adult Day Pass / $25.00 Adult Weekend pass .... Children pass 6 year old through 18 year old $5.00 Day/$10.00 weekend pass ... 5 year old and under are Free of Charge

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$119.00 per night plus taxes
RATE above includes full hot breakfast

Call (773) 867-0000 to reserve over the phone or click the link below to book online.

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Group Code: John Lucas Enterprises Cancellations 72 Hours prior to check in

OHare International Airport

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Chicago, IL

John Lucas Camp Right Way 2014

Written by: Clark Francis (The HOOP SCOOP)   September 3, 2014

Race Too Close to Call Among Jeremiah Francis, Lance Jones, & Keion Brooks for Top Spot at John Lucas Camp Right Way.

The race really was too close to call among 5’9 8th Grader Jeremiah Francis from Columbus, OH, 5’9 8th Grader Lance Jones from Evanston, IL, and 6’4 8th Grader Keion Brooks from Ft. Wayne, IN, and for top player honors at John Lucas’ Camp Right Way, which was held over the weekend at the Attack Athletic Center in Chicago, IL. However, in the final analysis we gave the nod to Francis and Brian Merritt, who is John Lucas’ right hand man and the guy responsible assembling the talent at this camp, is right on the money when he compares this strong physical overpowering combo guard to Isaish Briscoe. Francis isn’t going to blow by anybody, but he is extremely skilled, can play either guard spot, has a great nose for the ball, and makes a living using his body to beat up would be defenders while attacking the basket. He also has a high basketball IQ and an excellent lineage, which stems from his father, Jerry Francis, who was a four-year starter at Ohio State and made stops as an assistant coach at Ohio State, Butler, Bowling Green, Ball State, Houston, Oregon State, Nebraska, and Wyoming and also was the head coach for three years at Prairie View A&M.

Jones edges out Brooks for the #2 spot on our list and he has the speed and quickness, balling handling and passing skills, and court savvy necessary to be a point guard. However, he’s a deadly weapon at the 2-guard spot due to his explosiveness to the basket, the soft touch that he has on his pull-up jump shot, and the fact that he’s an excellent outside shooter. Brooks needs to learn to play harder and will need to get bigger and stronger physically, but it’s hard not to like his his length, athleticiism, and quickness around basket, the way he always around the ball and is active boards, and the fact that he blocks more than his share of shots. He also runs the court extremely well, has a silky smooth demeanor, and will likely grow another four or five inches, which means that his upside is off the chart.

And rounding out our top five-ranked players in camp were 6’3 7th Grader James Wilborn from Mt. Morris, MI and 6’5 8th Grader Jordan Mitchell from Blacklick, OH. The former also gets the nod as the top 7th Grader in camp and he is one of those high energy guys who runs the court, has quick hands and feet, is aggressive on the boards, and does most of his damage offensively around the basket. The latter was not as quick and explosive as one might expect. However, he is still recovering from a knee injury and does have good moves to the basket, knows how to get his shot, is versatile enough to play both inside/outside, does an excellent job on the boards, and is just oozing with upside and potential.

Nobody in the camp played any harder in both the games and the drills than 6’3 8th Grader Jonathan Roeser from Libertyville, IL. He’s more of a slasher than a shooter, but he makes things happen at both ends of the court with the energy that he brings to the table, is unselfish in transition, takes care of business on the boards, and has more than his share of blocked shots and deflections due to the fact that he has a knack for being able to anticipate what’s going to happen and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Another one of my favorite players was 5’4 8th Grader Raymond Dennis from Plainfield, IL. Not only does he have good ball handling and passing skills and a knack for being able to make those around him better, but he changes speeds and directions extremely well, is a good defender, and he can both get to the basket and knock down the outside shot. We also liked the size, quickness, athleticism, and versatility of 6’4 8th Grader Deontay Long from Milwaukee, WI, who was one of the most skilled big men in camp and was a force to be reckoned with on the boards.

There also was 6’7 8th Grader Owen Colburn from Hartley, IA, who is surprisingly fluid, agile, mobile, and coordinated for somebody his size and age. He also runs the court pretty well and has some skills around the basket. But the big key here is how much more he grows, as we’re talking about a potential 7-footer. We also were impressed with the improvement that 6’0 8th Grader DeSean Woods from Morehead, KY has made during the course of the past year. He has good ball handling and passing skills, a soft touch on his jump shot, and good speed and quickness in transition. He also plays with confidence and appears to be a chip off the old block, as he’s starting to remind us of his father, Sean Woods, who played at the University of Kentucky and is now the head coach at Morehead State.

It also was easy to be impressed with 6’2 8th Grader Mario Whitley from Saginaw, MI, because he is a strong physical athletic presence around the basket, has a good nose for the ball, and he’s a thoroughbred in transition. Another one of the better power forwards in camp was 6’1 8th Grader Dylan Hussey from Chicago, IL. He’s not real skilled and does not play hard enough, but he’s long and athletic, has great hands, and gets more than his share of rebounds and put-backs due to his quickness around the basket. We also don’t want to forget about 6’2 8th Grader Marcus Tillman from Orlando, FL. We’re not sure about his position, because he can’t shoot and does not have a point guard mentality. However, he’s extremely athletic, rebounds well for his size, and is excellent at attacking the basket. We also question the outside shooting of 6’0 8th Grader Johnny Bernard from Michigan City, IN. However, this multi-dimensional athletic combo guard does a little bit of everything, makes a living in transition, and has a lot of natural talent.

We also don’t want to forget about 5’9 8th Grader Spencer Reist from Indianapolis, IN. This long athletic white kid has a long wing span, great foot speed and excellent quickness to the basket, and a nice looking 3-point shot. We also were intrigued with the size and potential of 6’7 8th Grader Cameron Blair from Lexington, KY. He’s not very athletic and he does not run the court very well, but he’s got soft hands, knows how to score around the basket, and has a chance to evolve into a monster with continued growth and better conditioning. And last, but not least, is 5’9 8th Grader Marquise Walker from Melrose Park, IL, who was one of those guys that was touted extremely high at an early age, but has since not quite lived up to expectations. He’s got good ball handling and skills, is extremely athletic and excellent at getting to the basket, and has the talent necessary to be ranked in the top 50-100 range nationally. However, he also attempts to do too much at times and, as a result, tends to be turnover prone and does not make always make the best decisions.

Camp Right Way- Chicago 2014

Written by: Tate Johnson (Hoop Scouting)   Sept. 03, 2014

This year Camp Right Way Chicago (August 30 - August 31, 2014), had over a 160 kids in attendance with two sessions. There was abundance of talent in each session. Each year the camp continues to grow, because kids understand the exposure that come from this camp. The Chicago area is a hotbed for high school basketball and after looking at the talent the past weekend, I don't see things changing in the near future.

Below is a handful players who stood out to me at the camp:

2019 Class

2019 Jerome Francis III (Berwick Alternative). Columbus, GA
He was a pit-bull and at times looked like a man amongst boys. He strong and games is advanced be intrigued to see if he gets more length to his game.. But right now an all out baller.

2019 Owen Coburn 6'7 (Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn) Hartley, IA
He's long skilled need to get stronger dads 6'7 moms 6'1 could be 7'. He played with both hands around the basket and I liked how he ran the floor.

2019 Truth Harris 5'8 ( Iona Grammar) Mount Vernon, NY
He has good feel for the game and a nice stroke. He scored at will, but also kept teammates involved.

2019 DeMonte Nelson 5'8 (Mahone Middle) Kenosha, WI
He played aggressive and has a knack of getting in the paint and attacks. I like his hard nose play, like to stick his nose in and mix it up.

2019 Cameron Blair 6'7 (Beaumont Middle) Lexington, Ky
He has a big body soft touch around basket needs to lose baby fat. He didn't always play hard and I would love to see that change. Has a chance at a great upside.

2019 Mario Whitley 6'2 (Ripmiller Middle) Saginaw, MI
He played like a physical no nonsense player around the. He went along in work like fashion. He has decent handles, enough to get him where he needs to get to.

2019 Tayeon Neal 6'6 (Providence St. Mel) Chicago, IL
He's very active and has great attitude. He has very good hands. He needs to get in shape to become the player he strives for and he understood that.

2019 DeSean Woods 5' (Rowan Middle) Morehead, Ky
He was playing great til he hurt his wrist. His IQ getting better. He sucked it up and came back the next day knowing he was hurting, that showed me a lot. His shot looked good and he has a chance to be special.

2019 Myles Baker 6'1 (Huth. Middle) Olympia Fields, IL
He has nice strong bouncy game with a decent nice upside.

2019 JaVell Sanders 5'6 (Jefferson Middle) Columbia, MO
He played great when attacked, but at times fell in love with the 3. When learns what he does well and does it consistently, he will be more successful.

2019 Ry Threlkeld-Wiegand 6' (Southeast Jr High) Iowa City, IA
He stayed aggressive and has a swag and flair about his game. He finishes at the cup, but his jumper needs to be more consistent.

2019 Johnny Bernard 6' (Thea Bowman/Leadership Academy) Michigan City, IN
He's an outstanding athlete, that knows how to run the floor and finish at the basket. I like that he's lanky and bouncy.

2019 Rod Strickland 4'11 (Randall Middle) Lithia, FL
He's undersized but plays with tenacity and heart. He has a good understanding of the game and has outstanding handles.

2019 Michael Wiley 5'4 (Pin Oak Middle) Houston, TX
He gets better every time I see him play. He has a good understand of the game and a nice skill set. I look forward to seeing continued progress in his game.

2019 Terrion Murdix 5' (Washington Middle) Springield, IL
He's a jet quick point guard that makes good decisions and is a tough defender.

2020 Class

2020 Keion Brooks 6'4 (St. Paul) Ft. Wayne, In
He's lanky and skilled, with a good feel for the game as a big man. One heck of an athlete. Definitely one of the most talented players in the camp. He has a tremendous upside.

2020 Lance Jones 5'9 (King Lab) Evanston, IL
He has all the tools to be a special one. He has that bounce in his dribble. He has the ability to get to any spot on the court he wants. He has deep, deep range on his jump shot. He surprised me on how good his court vision was. He delivered dime after dime.

2020 Jordan Mitchell 6'5 (Gahanna Middle) Blacklick, OH
He's young, long and lanky and skilled for his age. He has a tremendous upside. Has another growth spurt in him. He was bothered all weekend by tendinitis in the knee.

2020 Corbin Spencer (Elliott County Middle) Sandy Hook, KY
He has great floor awareness gets teammates involved and seems to get them in the right place all the time. He has a flair for dramatically and his inconsistent jumper is a weakness that I see getting corrected in the future.

2020 Ara Emerzian 5'4 (Deerfield) Deerfield, IL
He was silky smooth and for such a young age knows how to play. He showed good leadership skills.

2020 Kenny Quinn 5'7 (Meredith Middle) Des Moines, IA
Has plays strong, has great body for his age and I loved his physicality. He played with a non stop motor.

2020 Reginald Williams 5'7 (SASA) Sainaw, MI
He was another kid that was tough as nails love to attack. He was also a solid defender.

2020 Carson Dolezal 6' (Tipton Middle) Tipston, IN
He's physical and finished with authority. He had quite a few three point plays. He looked like he loved contact.

2020 Adam Miller 5'9 (Christ Lutheran) Peoria, IL
He has a good feel for the game. He made positive play after positive play. He has a very good upside.

2020 Khalil Robinson 5' (SC Science Academy)
He was by far one of the best play makers on the camp. He attend quite a few of our camps and every time I see him he gets better and better. Has an outstanding understanding of the game.

2020 Lance Mosley 5'10 (Francis Xavier Ward) Chicago, IL
Has the whole arsenal mid range, three point and finishing at the basket game. He just needs to get stronger. He has a nice feel for the game.

2020 Aiden Vandrloo 5'9 (East Middle) Sioux City, IA
He came in with a reputation as a shooter and didn't disappoint. He was a flat out shooter with a sweet stroke.

2020 Keenan Jones 6'1 (A.N. Pritzker)
He's long lengthy runs like a greyhound, good defender and rebounder.

2020 Matthew Brown 5'9 (St. Joseph) Racine, WI
His game was awkward, but continued making positive plays and stayed aggressive.

2020 Pavie Pantovic 6'3 (Friendship Jr. High) Des Plaines, IL
He played big and strong. He needs to finish better around the rim, but stayed aggressive.

2020 Landen Lowder 5'8 (Ann Arbor Pioneer) Jackson, MI
His game grew on me. I had to watch him a few times to appreciate his skill set. He didn't force a lot and let the game come to him. He's a baller, with a good feel and a flair for the dramatic. He has a nice stroke and good handles,just a sweet game.

2020 Sentwali Nalls 5'7 (Whitney Young Magnet)
He played a little helter skelter but he is very talented. He needs to learn more fundamentals and skill work, but has high potential.

2020 Jonathan Roeser 6'3 (Highland Middle) Libertyville, IL
Had very good fundamentals as a big man. Did a lot of things right, didn't have many bad habits.

2020 Deontay Long 6'4 (Holy Redeemer) Milwaukee, WI
He's very talented, has great size and a outstanding body.
He was definitely one of the best talents in the camp, but also one of the most selfish. He has a chance to do very good things with his talent and I hope he understands that.

2020 Kyle Ballweg (Kromrey Middle) Middletown, WI
He was one of my camp favorites. He has a great understanding on how to play the game. He may be undersized, but makes up for it, with a great IQ and his for the game.

2020 Morgan Grant 5'10 (Calvary Academy) Chicago, IL
He's also raw and active needs more skill work, bouncy with a lot of energy.

2020 Bryant Brown 6'1 (Abbot Middle) Waukegan, IL
Even though he's long and slim, he made tough physical shots all weekend.

2020 Oscar Armstrong 5'7 (St. James Middle) Highland Park, IL
He finished strong with contact. Looks can be deceiving he knows how to play.

2020 Latrell Wrightsell 5'1 (Davis Middle) Omaha, NE
He handled the ball on a string and got teammates involved. He's a high I.Q. player.

2020 Spencer Reist 5'9 (Homeschool) Indianapolis, IN
He has a sweet stroke, nice handles and competed both days.


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