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2019 John Lucas Rising Stars Invitational

This year’s camp was really a fun experience. We had a very talented group from top to bottom and they really came to camp ready to learn and compete. It was really encouraging to see players at this age playing unselfishly and more than anything just being in shape. We had the best of the best from every part of the country and as far as France. It is clear to see that if this group continues the pace, they are on it can be a very highly recruited group.

This is a list of players who jumped out as I evaluated the competitive drills and games, and really separated themselves by the different skillsets they showcased.

Class of 2025

Christian Jones Legacy School of Sports Science Brookshire, TX 2025 5’2 102 G

A very high energy Pg. that flew all over the court making plays on both ends. Showed great skill creating space from his defender and shooting at a high rate and finished very well in

Tim Winkler III Murphy Junior High Plainsfield, IL 2025 6'2 145 F

He has loads of potential....



By Clark Francis | Published June 27, 2019

He was like a man among boys at the John Lucas Rising Stars Invitational, which was held over the weekend at the University of Houston's Recreation & Wellness Center in Houston, TX and featured some of the top 5th and 6th Graders in the nation. We're talking about 6'2 6th Grader De'Shon Scott from Houston, TX and he not only has a great combination of size, strength, skills, and athleticism, but he also runs the court, plays with a lot of energy, is an excellent finisher, dominates on the boards, blocks more than his share of shots, and passes the ball both in and out of the post extremely well. He also has a takeover mentality that is rarely found in somebody so big and so young and he is so good right now that he has to be near the top of the list when we start talking about the best...


2019 John Lucas Future of the Game - Vegas

By: Ben Perkins (PerkPerformance)

This year’s camp was a very nice group of young players. There was a nice balance of talent from all areas. It was exciting to see the number of players around 6’0 tall that showed the ability to attack rebounds, push the ball in transition, and either finish it themselves or make the right passes. There was a nice group of hard nose point guards that pressured the ball on defense and were aggressive making plays for themselves are teammates on the other end. I also liked seeing a few wings that played balanced and efficient on both ends of the floor. This year’s camp was also one of the most coachable groups we have had in the last few years. They received instruction well and worked to apply the skills during the live work.

Here are just a few players that stood out from this past weekend’s camp.

Eian Lowe Houston, TX Kinkaid 2025 4'10" 70 G

Trenton Pane Dallas, TX McCullough intermediate...


2019 John Lucas Future of the Game - Vegas

By: Jeff Dosado (Best Coast Basketball)

Once again, some of the top 5th & 6th graders in the region and the country came together in Las Vegas, NV to put their skills, knowledge and abilities to the test.

It's been quite evident that year over year, the interest, investment and committment players [and their families] are taking to get better is getting younger and younger. The level of skill that we're seeing at 10, 11, and 12 years old continues to rise. I'm truly excited to see how these kids progress over the next year or 2.

Below is a list of notable prospects based on their performance at the camp:

  • Trenton Pane 5'6 - 2025 - Dallas, TX
  • Jaden Spears 5'5 - 2025 - Sacramento, CA
  • Coriahnn Gallatin 5'3 - 2026 - Fremont, NE
  • Breylon Webb 5'6 - 2025 - Abington, PA
  • Isaiah Cunningham 5'11 - 2025 - Tacoma, WA
  • Kellen Hampton 5'10 - 2025 - Hayward, CA
  • Micah Williams 5'4 - 2025 - Inglewood, CA
  • ...

Breylon Webb Edgres out Micah Williams, Milak Dorsey Myatt, Dennis Guam, Corihann Gallatin, & Bryce Brown at John Lucas Future of the Game - Las Vegas

By Clark Francis | Published May 8, 2019 | Hoop Scoop

The race really was almost too close to call when it came time for us to determine who the best player was at the John Lucas Future of the Game, which featured a plethora 5th and 6th Graders and was held over the weekend at the Tarkanian Center in Las Vegas, NV. However, in the final analysis, we gave the nod to 5'6 6th Grader Breylon Webb from Abington, PA over 5'4 6th Grader Micah Williams from Inglewood, CA, 5'8 6th GraderMilak Dorsey Myatt from Philadelphia, PA, 5'2 6th Grader Dennis Guam from France, 5'2 5th Grader Corihann Gallatin from Fremont, NE, and 4'8 5th Grader Bryce Brownfrom Oklahoma City, OK. And the big key for Webb is the fact that he is an extremely well-rounded player with a good combination of size, skills, and athleticism and the versatility necessary to play just about anywhere on the court. He also can both get to the rim and create his own shot, is active on the...


2018 Camp Right Way - Houston


This year’s Camp Right Way Houston was unique. There was a lot of talent overall, but the level of competition was unbalanced. It was positive to see that if these kids learn how to compete at a high level and build their basketball IQ, that this class will have some strong prospects. Evidence of this was shown immediately, as the level of play made a huge jump on day 2. These are just a few players that stood out this weekend.

Class 2023

137 Jacobe Cole Houston, TX Meyerland Middle School 2023 6’3 150 G

It was good to see him play with the level of aggressiveness expected of him. Clearly established himself as one of the elite players in this class. Showed he could impact the game in many ways. As he continues to develop a more efficient offensive package, he will be a great prospect.

30 Jaland Lowe Houston, TX Tanglewood Middle School 2023 5’9″ 120...


LBI Event Recap: John Lucas Top 160 (Houston, TX)

By: Steve Reynolds (LBInsider)

Houston, TX: What an experience! The 2018 John Lucas Top 160 camp was all anyone could ask for. It was fast-paced, great competition, hard (hard) work, some laughter, and guidance. John Lucas no-nonsense but loving approach was on full display as some of the nations finest got a glimpse behind the curtain of what the next level looks like. Houston we have a problem...and I wrote about a few of those problems below.

2022 6’3” Janiah Barker PF Tampa Bay Tech HS (FL)

Barker let the dog out this weekend! Hands down the best power forward prospect at John Lucas. She was tough and intimidating at times. All rebounds and loose balls seemed to belong to her like she had a patent on them. She knocked down several triples and was a load in the paint. Already freakishly athletic and strong, Barker only has to fine tune some fundamentals and we could be talking about having an All-American on our hands. We are all witnesses Janiah...


2018 John Lucas Top 160 Elite Invitational

By: Mark Lewis (Blue Star Media)

HOUSTON, Texas – One year ago the John Lucas Top 160 Elite Invitational had to be postponed at the last minute because of the tragic and ongoing weather that came in conjunction with Hurricane Harvey. The magnitude of the storm and it’s ensuing flooding plus the time of the year made rescheduling a less than realistic option. The 2018 return of the event this past weekend more than made up for the lost time and provided one last go round for some non-scholastic summer basketball action.

The talent in the gym speaks for itself. What sets the Top 160 apart from most events is the caliber and intensity of the training. Coaches are at the rims as the athletes walk in the gym and they’re working with a focus and intensity from the very start to the end of each session. With a driven and enthused staff that burns just as many calories as those they’re putting through their paces, it’s not a setting for the shy, the soft or any athlete playing with an over inflated ego. Add in a camp director...


Lady’s perform at the John Lucas Top 160 Elite Invitational

By: Reginald Burke (Bay Area Hoops)

Houston, TX – The 2018 John Lucas Top 160 Elite Invitational returns to the MI3 Center after being postponed one year ago due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. After the storm passes, things will get brighter and this year The JLE Top 160 Camp was LIT!

The fact that BAH drove from Tampa to Houston is evidence that the JLE Top 160 CAMP is significant. John Lucas is one of the most respected basketball figures (Boys or Girls) today; his events speak volumes.

Separation is always key and the Top 160 sets itself apart from all other events. All aspects of this event are strategically formatted, and the camp’s structure is disciplined. It’s a family camp, parents are more than spectators at the event, there are informational sessions for parents. The participants received training, mentoring and a challenge that is extraordinary. When you come to a John Lucas Event come ready to learn, play and bring a working mindset; YOU WILL WORK nothing here will be simple.

BAH observes...



Published on June 26, 2018 by Clark Francis

A good rule of thumb is that the longer you have to watch somebody play and/or the less sure you are about a player, the less likely he can play. And this is important, because it didn't take long for us to figure out that 5'3 6th Grader Jamal Chretien from Houston, TX was the best player at the 2018 John Lucas Rising Stars Invitational, which was held over the weekend at the University of Houston Recreation & Wellness Center in Houston. TX and featured some of the top 5th and 6th Graders in the nation. Chretien's reminds us of Tracy McGrady with his versatility, athleticism, and explosiveness in transition. He also knows how to compete and brings a lot of energy to the table, is more often than not his team's primary ball handler and is very adept at finding the open man, has a great nose for the ball and gets more than his share of rebounds, finishes with authority and has a flare for the spectacular when he gets to the rim, and is not afraid to...


2018 John Lucas Rising Stars Invitational

By: Ben Perkins - June 26, 2018

This year’s camp included some of the top 4th,5th, and 6thgraders from around the country. Overall it was a competitive group from top to bottom and showed they hand a strong feel for how to play offensively. As they continue to develop their IQ on both ends of the floor, they have potential to be very strong classes. These are just a few of the many standout from camp.

Dalen Fuller2024-6’0-Tulsa, OK- A long athletic forward that played with a high motor and was aggressive rebounding and in transition.

Christian Joe-2024-6’2-Houston, TX-He has good size and a wide body that he used well when rebounding and finishing around the basket.

Zion Pipkins-2024-5’8-Humble, TX- A strong body wing with a good handle and an instinct to finish. He showed the ability to knock down the 3, that made him a tough guard.

Will Cianfrini-2024-5’4-The Woodlands, TX- A long high motored competitor with good IQ that allowed him to force...


2018 John Lucas International Middle School Combine - Las Vegas

By: Jeff Dosado (Best Coast Basketball)

This year’s John Lucas International Middle School Combine had an impressive overall display of 7th & 8th grade talent combined with athleticism and size.

Take a look below at our notable prospects based on their performance at the camp:

Elijah Fisher 6’5 Forward 2023 - Oshawa, Ontario

Elijah showed why he’s considered to be one of, if not the top player in the 7th grade/2023 class. His combination of size, athleticism and skill. He consistently impacted the game on both ends blocking shots, rebounding and then leading the break in a hurry. Has both the ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the rim, and showed some very nice footwork with his back to the basket, but was at his best in the open court. Talent and upside was unquestionable, but he did tend to coast sometimes both in the skill work and in games.

Emmanuel Sharp 6’3 Guard 2022 - Riverview, FL

Aggressive wing player with size. Knows how to use his size and strength when needed. Without even having...


2018 John Lucas International Middle School Combine

By: Darnell Johnson

This was the first year the IMSC was moved to the west coast and I was a great success. There was a high number of high caliber talent this past weekend. The guard play was top notch and there was some very good wing players in attendance. Even though it was based in Las Vegas there was over 26 states represented from as far as Toronto and Florida. It was a great weekend of kids competing at a high level and intensity. Even though the camp was moved from Texas, it was great to still see a high level of support from the state.

Below is just a few of the standout players I witness:

2022Chris Johnson 5’10 G (First Colony) Missouri City, TX

He may have been the most impressive player in camp. He definitely doesn't pass the look test. He's truly a lead guard and plays like it. If wanted to, he can score at will, but he was great at setting his teammates up to also be successful. He has quick feet and a very good court vision. He has a nice stroke and was very consistent at knocking down the mid-range shot.

2022Jordan Williams6’1 F...


Sterling “Scoot” Henderson Dominates at the 2018 John Lucas International Middle School Combine

Published on May 16, 2018 by Clark Francis

"He might be the best player in camp" and "he's the best player that I've seen all weekend" were the two comments that I heard the most about 6'0 8th Grader Sterling "Scoot" Henderson from Woodstock, GA at the 2018 John Lucas International Middle School Combine, which was held over the weekend in Henderson, NV. This extremely talented and very skilled multi-dimensional athletic 2-guard also drew some Russell Westbrook-like comparisons and, whether he was using his excellent ball handling and passing skills to bring the ball up the court and get his teammates involved or his strong moves to the basket, ability to stop and pop from mid-range, or be like money in the bank for behind the arc, he left very doubt about who the best player was in camp. He also makes a living going...


2018 John Lucas International Middle School Combine Top Performers

Bay Area Hoops

By: Reginald Burke

Las Vegas, NV – The Jam On It Sportsplex in Henderson, NV was on fire, displaying about 200 up and coming standouts. Every year this prestigious event showcases some of the best national 7th/8th grade talents.

Look out for 6’5″ 2023 Elijah Fisher, who is labeled as one of the top in his class was on display at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine this past weekend in Vegas. The young square shouldered athletic Oshawa, Ontario native Fisher, gave an amazing visual of court awareness, athleticism and versatility. There’s not many of his caliber to play 3 to 4 positions and be enormously effective but after watching Fisher spread the floor and dictate from the PG spot, I was very impressed. He is evolving and quickly adding skill to his raw talent. I’m imagining him in a few years with his high ceilings of potential and competing in that 2023 class; oh it will be something to watch. Fisher’s mobility, ball control and spacing in the open floor is above average...


2018 International Middle School Combine

By: Ben Perkins

This years International Middle School Combine was one of the most balanced, with high level players that I feel we have had in a few years. It gives me confidence that our 2022 and 2023 Classes are ready to have a real impact as they make the step to High School. The level of performance improved with every drill and game. It was great to see players really receive the instruction and work to apply it in games. Here are a few players that really stood out to me.

Mohamed Ngom6’10 2022 Houston, TX- The first thing that stood out is he has the size and body to step into the next level right now. He is a fluid athlete and runs in transition very well. The key will be his commitment to developing his skill set and improving his feel for the game.

Adam Steward6’9 2022 Houston, TX- The thing that caught my attention was the IQ that Adam played with. He has natural instincts for the game. The key will be being commitment to the weight room and developing a consistent shooting stroke. He has the needed measurements to be...


Mason Brown, Kasen Krueger, & Alijah Arenas Dominate at this Year’s John Lucas Future of the Game-Las Vegas

Published on May 8, 2018 by Clark Francis

After the dust had cleared at the 2018 John Lucas Future of the Game - Las Vegas, which was held over the weekend at the Tarkanian Center in Las Vegas, NV and featured some of the top up-and-coming 5th and 6th Graders in the nation, it was pretty obvious that 5'3 6th Grader Mason Brown from Las Vegas, NV, 5'6 6th Grader Kasen Krueger from Alamo, CA, and 5'2 4th Grader Alijah Arenas from Porter Ranch, CA were the three best players in camp. Brown gets the nod as the top dog and what he does best is use his quickness with the ball and explosiveness in transition to get the basket and score. He also has the ball handling and passing skills necessary to play the point guard spot and he likes to have the ball in his hands, but he's still more of a scorer than a...


2018 Future of the Game - Las Vegas

By: Jeff Dosado (Best Coast Basketball)

Another edition of Coach John Lucas’ Future of the Game featuring the top 5th & 6th graders. Players arrived from all over the country from places as far as Hawaii and France to take part in this event.

Take a look below at our notable prospects based on their performance at the camp:

Mason Brown 2024 - Las Vegas, NV

No questioning who was the camp’s top performer. At such a young age his court awareness & IQ are off the charts. Throughout the weekend, Mason scored at will in a variety of ways; consistently making shots with range and off the dribble. Was pleasantly unselfish and made plays for others. Also happy to see how eager he was to absorb information during the drills as well...which isn’t always the case.

Kasen Krueger 2024 - Alamo, CA

Was a difficult kid to defend all weekend for most at because of his size, high motor combined with his skill. Very efficient and did a lot of everything; rebounded the ball, scored in bunches and made plays for others....


2018 John Lucas Future of the Game Vegas Evaluations

May 5-6, 2018

By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

This years camp was full of young skilled guard play. It's always good to young players develop skill sets early. It was good to see over 16 states represented at this camp. This was unheard of years ago for 5th and 6th graders competing nationally in camps.

Below a few standouts from camps:

2024 Mason Brown 5'6 (Las Vegas, NV)

He was the most dominant player in camp. He didn't show many weaknesses. He can handle the ball, he made good decision and was good at getting his teammates involved. He could score and get to the cup at will. He seemed to get bored at times.

2024 Darien Luke 5''1 Oklahoma City, OK)

He was one of the intimidating players in camp. He contested every shot on the defensive end. He cleaned the glass on both ends and surprised me with the range on his jump shot. He also surprised me with his ball handling skills.

2024 Charles Biegel 5'7 (Kihei, HI)

Tall left that could score in array of ways in the post. He had a soft touch 15 feet in. He also surprised me with his...


2018 Future of The Game - Las Vegas

May 9, 2018

By: Ben Perkins

Mason Brown-2024-Las Vegas, NV- Played dominate all weekend. Very crafty ballhandler with a very good basketball IQ. Played like the best player in camp and has the potential to be an elite prospect.

Kasen Krueger-2024-Alamo, CA- Very smart heady player with good size. Should a very balanced skill set. He has a nice shooting stroke, finished at a high percentage in traffic. He consistently rebounded all weekend and was an aggressive defender.

Aaron Powell-2024-Altadena, CA- Very poised decision maker with the ball in his hands. Nice athlete that finished well with contact all weekend. Unselfish player that kept his teammates involved.

Trae Herrera-2024-Hutto- Played with a high IQ and showed a very good shooting stroke. He was active without the ball in his hands.

Charlie Georgelos-2024-Boerne, TX- Smart player that made very good decisions all weekend. He showed nice foot work finishing in the paint. A strong player that also rebound very...


Cameron Barnes is the Name to Remember From This Year’s John Lucas All-Star Weekend

Published on March 7, 2018 by Clark Francis

Remember the name Cameron Barnes. We're talking about a long lanky athletic 6'8 big man from Wichita, KS and he has amazing agility, coordination, and mobility for somebody so big and so young. He also is a thoroughbred in transition and has quick hands and feet and a great nose for the ball, which he uses to rebound, block shots, and come up with more than his share of steals and deflections. His offensively skills are still evolving, but he does have a soft tough on his shot, has surprisingly good ball handling and passing skills for somebody so big and so young, and is very fluid and mobile in the post. He will need to get a lot bigger and stronger physically, but it's hard to imagine that anybody nationally in the Class of 2023 has more upside and potential, we suspect that he will end up being a 7-footer,...


Christian Moore & Skyy Clark Battle It Out For Top Players Honors at 2017 John Lucas Camp Right Way - Orange County

September 20, 2017

Published on September 20, 2017 by Clark Francis

The top two players from Southern California in the Class of 2022 are 6'5 8th Grader Christian Moore from Los Angeles, CA and 6'1 8th Grader Skyy Clark from Los Angeles, CA and they both were in attendance at the 2017 John Lucas Camp Right Way - Orange County, which was held over the weekend at the Ladera Sports Center in Ladera Ranch, CA. Moore has an advantage in terms of size and natural talent and it's difficult not to be enamored with his length, athleticism, soft touch, and quickness both around the basket. He also has good ball handling and passing skills for somebody his size, but also has a tendency to over handle, does not have a takeover mentality, spends too much time out on the perimeter, and, if he wants to project as a three down the road and/or doesn't...


Brendan Hausen Edges Out Kyle Duke & Parker Day for #1-Ranking at the 2017 John Lucas Camp Right Way-Chicago

Published on September 1, 2017 by Clark Francis

He doesn't wow you with overwhelming size and ridiculous speed, quickness, and athleticism, but 6'2 8th Grader Brendan Hausen from Amarillo, TX was a model of consistency and, as a result, he edged out 6'2 Frosh Kyle Duke and 6'4 Frosh Parker Dayfrom Saginaw, MI as the best player based on performance at the 2017 John Camp Right Way, which was held last weekend at the Quest Multisport Center in Chicago, IL. Not only does Hausen have the versatility necessary to play just about anywhere on the court, but he also really impressed us with his ball handing and passing skills, excellent court vision, good moves to the basket, and ability to score from both mid-range and behind the arc. He also knows how to compete, is active on the boards, has a high...


Players Shine at John Lucas Camp Right Way (2017)

August 29, 2017

Chicago, IL – This past weekend John Lucas’s Camp Right Way gathered over 100 participating players ranging from the class of 2021-2024. Quest Multi-Sport facility was the location that showcased the future generation of top prospects. Athletes got pushed in skills and drills plus to reintegrate their learning, Coach Lucas quizzed players on the knowledge provided by the Coaching staff. Check out who impressed us the most this past weekend.

2021 6’5″ F Nana Boateng (Toronto, Can.) – A very sizable player for his age that benefits him against his peers right now. Boateng strength to power defenders and show dominance attacking smaller players was impressive. To be honest, he could be the player you don’t want to miss. Boateng has the tools, footwork and skill to be an attractive prospect but that will be determined if he can continue to develop his shooting and work on his dribbling. We hope he hasn’t maxed out in his growth so he can mature into something special....


John Lucas Enterprises - Future of the Game Vegas

May 16, 2017


By: Ben Perkins

Richard Barron III (2023/W/5’7/120/Chicago, IL) - Strong wing who used his body well attacking and finishing around the rim. Was really active all camp and consistently shot it well off the catch from the perimeter.

Maverick Binder (2023/G/4’8/95/Table Rock, NE) - Aggressive, crafty point guard who was productive all weekend. Displayed very good court vision and leadership. Has a nice stroke from all levels. Showed the ability to create shots for himself off the dribble anytime he needed.

Jacovey Campbell (2023/G/5’0/85/McKinney, TX) - Speedy point guard that lived in the paint. Established himself as a pass-first guard who also showed great tempo and feel finishing in traffic. Really controlled the game with his play. One of the best small guards in camp.

David Delancy (2023/G/5’11/135/Pembroke Pines, FL) - Clearly one of the most natural athletes in camp. In certain spots, was the most the dominant and productive player without...


Staci’o Goree Edges Out Landon Schumaker, David Delancy, E.J. Smith, Jackson Shelstad, Jaland Lowe, Andre Camacho, et al. for #1-Ranking at 2017 John Lucas Future of the Game – Las Vegas

May 16, 2017

by Clark Francis

You can shake our top seven-ranked players (5'7 6th Grader Staci'o Goree from Phoenix, AZ, 5'11 6th Grader Landon Schumaker from Gilbert, AZ. 5'11 6th Grader David Delancy from Pembroke Pines, FL, 5'5 6th Grader E.J. Smith from Cordova, TN, 5'3 6th Grader Jackson Shelstad from West Linn, OR, 4'11 6th Grader Jaland Lowe from Houston, TX, and 5'9 6th Grader Andre Camacho from Peoria, AZ, ) at the 2017 John Lucas Future of the Game - Las Vegas, which was held over the weekend at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy in Las Vegas, NV, up any way you want and not be wrong. However, in the final analysis, we gave the nod to Goree based on the fact that this multi-dimensional athletic combo guard clearly out played Delancy in...


2017 John Lucas International Middle School Combine

May 11, 2017

By Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Every year in seems like the JLE International Middle School Combine has more and more talent and this year the trend seemed to continue. This year the camp was guard oriented. I watched some of the best 8th grade guard play I've seen in a while led by physical dominant 2021 PG Jackie Johnson III and the totally poised and under control 2021 PG Daeshon Ruffin. Both these guards I can see making a big impact on the high school scene as freshman. With that being said they weren't alone 2021 Preson Murphy, 2021 Jalen Breazeale, 2021 Ryan Conway and 2021 Carter Whitt also had me very excited with their play.

2021 Pape Cisse 6'9 F (Fairpoint Prep) Anaheim, CA

Pape was obviously one of the best prospects in the camp. Pape has a...


Size & Prolific Scoring Combo Guards Were Abundant at John Lucas International Middle School Combine

May 9, 2017

by Clark Francis

Count them (6'9 8th Grader Jonathan Izemel from Jacksonville, FL, 6'8 8th Grader Bretner Mutombo from Jacksonville, FL, 6'9 8th Grader Cisse Pape from Anaheim, CA, 6'10 8th Grader Trey James from Shelton Clark, KY, 6'9 7th Grader Ngom Mouhamed from San Antonio, TX, 6'8 8th Grader Reuben Fatheree from Richmond, TX, 6'10 8th Grader Samuel Onu from San Antonio, TX, 6'8 8th Grader Riley Mahlman from Lakeville, MN, 6'11 8th Grader Christian Bento from Temecula, CA, and 6'8 7th Grader Adam Stewart from Houston, TX), there were 10 players that are 6'8 or taller at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine, which was held this past weekend at the Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands, TX. However, none of the above mentioned players was good enough to edge out guys like 6'6 8th Grader Jonathan Lawson from Memphis, TN, 5'8 8th Grader...


2017 John Lucas IMSC Put Players On Display

May 8, 2017

By: Bay Area Hoops

The John Lucas International Middle School Combine is the best event for elite 8th graders who believe they can build on their skill. This was our first time covering the IMSC and we left vastly impressed. Learning of players growing through this combine over the years was a big statement of John Lucas’s commitment. The event introduced some first time players to regional and national evaluators plus skilled trainers from across the nation. NBPA Top 100, Prep Insiders, Clark Francis (McDGG voter), Darnell “Tate” Johnson, Dain Ervin (Nike), Van Colman (NBPA Top 100) and Samson Kayode (USAB Asst. National Team Director) just to name a few. Here’s 5 players that were very intriguing to us.

2021 6’6″ SG Jonathan Lawson came into this event and took control of the opportunities giving. Played well in front of Scouts and demonstrated his versatility during drills. This was my first time, witnessing any...


John Lucas Enterprises - International Middle School Combine

May 8, 2017

by Nick Milosevich


John Lucas Enterprises held its signature annual event this weekend as International Middle School Combine returned to Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands, Texas. As usual, many of the best 7th and 8th graders from across the country were in attendance, and was honored to cover the camp alongside distinguished national media. Below are evaluations of the best talent I witnessed over the weekend, listed in alphabetical order.


Jalen Blackmon (2021/G/6’1/145/Fort Wayne, IN) - The latest star from a family of hoopers, he first caught my eye at John Lucas All-Star Weekend 2016 where he had several scoring outbursts. Can really shoot the ball and displayed as much range as anyone at IMSC, and also looked smooth around the rim, whether finishing or distributing to teammates.

Pape Cisse (2021/F/6’9/170/Anaheim, CA) - Lefty possessed the most complete package of all...


Bryce Griggs, Bruce Thornton, & Jaylen Bolden Put Up Ridiculous Numbers at John Lucas All-Star Weekend

March 7, 2017

by Clark Francis

If we had any doubts about the fact that 6'0 7th Grader Bryce Griggs from Lake Jackson, TX is the best player in the nation in the Class of 2022, he eliminated them at this year's John Lucas All-Star Weekend, which was held over the weekend in Houston, TX and featured a number of the top middle school teams and players from around the nation. We're talking about a strong physical athletic combo-guard who knows how to compete, is explosive off the dribble, has deep range on his jump shot, and is capable of putting up prolific numbers. He also handles the ball well against pressure, has a good feel for the game, is not afraid to put a body on you when he attacks the basket, and was the catalyst for his team advancing all the way to the Championship Game of the 7th Grade Division, where NIKE Pro Skills lost to the ATL...


John Lucas All-Star Weekend

March 7, 2017


By: Nick Milosevich (Top 100 Talent)

John Lucas All-Star Weekend is one of the premier middle school tournaments in the country, and the 2017 edition, which featured over 160 teams, must be considered the best in the history of the event. Each year, All-Star Weekend seems to attract a deeper pool of talent, and bracket play on Sunday featured several of the most competitive matchups I have ever seen at the 6th-8th grade level. Below are recaps for the teams who had the most success over a busy two days at the MI3 Center.

Houston Hoops Blue Chips 2023 - The core of this group has been together for some time, and that showed in crucial moments throughout the event as the team rallied from deficits in both the quarters and semis before dispatching North Coast Blue Chips 53-40 in the final. Wesley Yates is a fantastic shooter who always seems to knock down big buckets. Corey Kelley is a force inside, and made the game-winner at the buzzer in their 56-54 victory against Tennessee...


Future of the Game - Houston

by Nick Milosevich (

John Lucas Enterprises brought its Future of the Game series to St. John’s School in Houston over the weekend, and the two-day camp featured 70 of the best 5th and 6th graders from Texas and throughout the country. Below are evaluations of the 15 players who stood out most at the event, listed in alphabetical order.

Owen Berry (2023/6’0’’/140/Dallas, TX) - Tall, skinny post player with nice handle for a big man. Runs the floor well, consistently beating the opposition down the floor in transition. Solid finisher through contact who will improve further as he gets stronger physically.

Jacolb Cole (2023/5’7’’/110/Houston, TX) - Terrific all-around player, best on-ball defender at the camp. Thrives in transition, where he is equally adept at finishing at the rim or finding an open teammate. Always seems to be around the ball making plays, and has a solid mid-range jumper.

Camden Cowgill (2024/5’0’’/85/San Antonio, TX) - Perhaps the best shooter all weekend, consistently poured in...


John Lucas Top 160 - Top Ranked Players in Classes 2017 - 2020 Compete at Legends

By: Santon Jones (Balln Prep Basketball)

The WOODLAND TX – John Lucas Top 160 brought kids from as far up North Canada to as far South Florida. Watching these girls compete at or above the 110% level showed how dedicated these Top 160 kids are and how bad they want to continue playing at the next level.

In the Spotlight

20’ Bella Lachance (Weston, FL)- 5’6 Guard that can go left or right, makes great decisions with the ball and know how to keep everyone involved. Really loved her leadership.

17’ Megan Walker (Richmond, VA)- 6’1 Forward has a really smooth game with a nice jumper. Really understands the game and knows how to score from any position on the floor. Never forcing anything just being a true team player and dominate when needed to.

17’ Lexi Gordon (Fort Worth, TX)- 6’0 Guard shot the ball really well,...


John Lucas Top 160 Invitational Camp

By: Larry Curry (Balln Prep Basketball)

The Woodlands, TX – The John Lucas Top 160 Invitational was the place to be this past weekend September 3rd-4th. The event was filled with some of the top girls basketball talent in the country. The girls trained with some of the top trainers and got a little taste of what the next level is going to be like. The camp also provided the players an opportunity to compete against one another and showcase their talents to tons of media and they didn’t disappoint.

’17 Maya Dodson 6’2” F – When you watch Maya Dodson play the talent is obvious. She has great length and size combined with an outstanding set of tools at her disposal. Dodson has great hands and catches every single pass thrown her way. When she catches she plays true to her size and finishes above the defense with both hands. What I love about her game the most is that she always goes 110% all the time no matter the situation.

’18 Shakira Austin 6’4” F/C – Shakira has dominate post player written all over her. She...


John Lucas Top 160

By: Darnell "Tate"Johnson (All Metro Hoops)

Some of the nations top girls highlight showcase

John Lucas has run some the best boy's camps in the country, came as no surprise when he launched his first ever all-girls camp with similar results. I was highly impressed.

From top to bottom this camp may have had the highest number of D1 prosepcts of any Lucas camp that I have had the pleasure to cover. My estimates and I mean just my estimates, project over 10 future McDonald's All-Americans with as many as 100 plus D1 players. Now understand, I don't cover girls a lot, but talent is talent and that's something I know about.

With all talent in camp, this was just a few standout players:

2017 Rennia Davis 6'1 G/F (Ribault) Jacksonville, FL

I know I don't see the high school girls as much as I would like, but Davis was very very impressive. I know their were a number of players in the camp ranked ahead of her, but to me, she was by far...


John Lucas Top 160

By: Pass Tha Ball

Another successful John Lucas Camp with talent and great instruction from the staff. By far one of the best camps around that is a must attend event if you can get to Houston,Tx. Standouts from Saturday Only include:

Gabby Connally 2017

Kayla Owens 2017

Chasity Patterson 2017

Juliette Smith 2019

Lexie Gordon 2017

Reigan Richardson 2021

Neaveah Caldwell 2021

Christina Morra 2018

Kaylah Brown 2018

Alissa Pili 2019

Rennia Davis 2017

Megan Walker 2017

Maya Dodson 2017

Liz Scott 2019

Ashley Owusu 2019

Kennedi Jackson 2019

Raija Todd 2018

Kasi Kushkituah 2017

Tehya Lyons 2018

Breanna Beal 2019

Deja Kelly 2020

Jewel Spear 2020

Morgan Jones 2018

Kelsey Marshall 2017

Myra Gordon 2020

Angel Jackson 2019

Brooke Moore 2018

Cameron Swartz 2018

Xaria Wiggins 2018

Keira Neal 2019

Makalya Edwards 2019



John Lucas Top 160 - 2016

September 6, 2016

John Lucas Top 160 – 2016

By: Shane Laffin (Premier Basketball Report)

Labor Day Weekend 2016 brought us what has become an annual must see skills, drills, and competitive camp in the John Lucas Top 160. Players from classes 2017 – 2021 and from all over the continent, including Alaska, Hawaii, and a few from Canada, visited the Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands, Texas to participate and gain some wisdom and add to their game.

As registration started and players started pouring into the gym, voluntary early drills were already going on at every basket. There is no wasted time at the John Lucas Top 160 camp. You walk in, get your shoes on, get warm, start working, and you do not stop.

To kick things off, the players and parents were gathered all around so the staff could be introduced and the tone could be set. John Lucas explained the intention of the camp, the methods, a general outline of activity and timeline, and shared his vision for young...


John Lucas Camp Right Way - Chicago

August 31, 2016

Written By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson (All Metro Hoops)

This year Camp Right Way-Chicago, was loaded with very good guard play. The guards played with higher I.Q's then in past years. This was one of the most unselfish Camp Right Ways I ever covered. Even though its called Camp Right Way Chicago, there was player represented from over 23 states and Canada. Two of the NBA retired players (Juwan Howard and Larry Hughes) had their sons in attendance and felt this camp has value for their kids.

Below is just of a few standout players I observed from the camp:

2021 Michael Mitchell G 5'11 (Harker) San Jose, CA

He has very good size for a PG his age. He was one of the smoothest guards in camp. He played with good pace and made good decisions. He could score at all three levels. He had a sweet stroke that never looked rushed. He could be more aggresive on defense.

2021 Jaylon McDaniel PF-C 6'4 (Delta Woods Middle School) Lee Summit,...


Daylan Jones in a Class by Himself at the 2016 John Lucas Camp Right Way-Chicago

Published on August 31, 2016 by Clark Francis

Over the weekend we attended the 2016 John Lucas Camp Right Way-Chicago, which was held at Quest Multi-Sport Complex in Chicago, IL, and, any way you slice it, the best player in camp was 6'2 8th Grader Daylan Jones from Wichita, KS. We're talking about somebody with the athleticism and versatility necessary to play multiple positions, but is ideally suited for the 2-guard spot due to the fact that he can really score. And he can do so in a variety of ways, as was evident by the fact that he was almost impossible to stop with his moves and quickness to the rim, knack for being able to pull-up and hit the mid-range shot, and soft touch on his outside shot. He also has good ball handling and passing skills, a willingness to compete, and a great nose for the ball, plus he is talented enough...


John Lucas Enterprises - Camp Right Way Chicago

September 1, 2016


Written By: Ben Perkins (Top 100 Talent)

Caleb Corro (2021/5’7/135/Elmwood Park, IL) - Solid point guard with excellent handle. Has a real flair for making plays and possesses a high basketball IQ.

Jeremiah Dotson (2021/6’0/145/Brown Deer, WI) - Athletic slasher that played aggressive all weekend. Finished at a high percentage around the rim. Nice frame and has plenty of upside.

Ihsan Duncan (2021/5’11/160/Hampton, VA) - Elusive guard that made a living getting in the paint. Finished strong at the rim through contact and ran the team well.

Jett Howard (2022/5’9/135/Miami, FL) - Long guard that has a shifty handle. Shoots the ball efficiently and has a quiet release. Has improved finishing ability in the paint.

Elijah Jackson (2021/5’10/145/Mason, OH) - Athletic wing that showed off a variety of moves in the paint. Rebounded at a high rate and pushed the ball to create transition opportunities.

Daylan Jours (2021/6’2/140/Wichita, KS)...


2016 Future of the Game - Hampton

July 5, 2016

Written by: Darnell "Tate" Johnson (

Each year the FOTG-East becomes more of a national event. This year there was kids represented from over 20 states and as far away as California. Its seems like the kids in attendance this year were more attentive and ready to learn. At this age all I can do is evaluate, because 85% of the kids in camp are guards and their true position will not be defined for years to come.

Below are a few standouts from that weekend:

2022 Jaden Bradley 5'11 (Cannon School) Charlotte, NC

Long and athletic for his age. He plays very aggressive and is skilled for his age. He's a very good rebounder on both ends. He's is a man amongst boys at this age.

2022 Jonathan Starling 5'9 (Ray Middle School) Syracuse, NC

He has one of the purest strokes I ever seen for a kid his age. He also knows how to get to the cup and finish with either hand. He's also a very unselfish player, that sees the whole...


Gregory Brown was the Class of the Field at this Year's John Lucas International Middle School Combine

Written by: Clark Francis (The Hoop Scoop)

He wasn't as good as he was when we saw him a month ago at the 2016 John Lucas Enterprises Lab Experience., but 6'6 8th Grader Gregory Brown from Austin, TX being the best player over the weekend at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine at the Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands, TX was kind of like a high priced stakes-winner dropping down in class and winning a cheap claiming race in horse racing. In other words, Brown did not play with the same zest and zeal that he did when he was teamed with 6'11 Frosh Charles Bassey from San Antonio (St. Anthony Catholic) TX and was challenged by playing up in class against freshmen, sophomores, and juniors and high school. However, he was the class of the field in this event and, before we start tossing out Jared Vanderbilt-like comparisons, it's important to remember that Brown does have a tendency to play hard when he's challenged, shoots it better from out on the perimeter than...


2016 IMSC Player Evaluation

May 9, 2016

Written by: Nick Milosevich (Top 100 Talent)

Coach John Lucas puts on many fantastic camps and clinics, but perhaps his signature event is the International Middle School Combine, which was held this year at Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands, Texas. Gathered in the gym were nearly 200 of the nation’s finest 7th and 8th graders, who put their talents on display over Mother’s Day weekend. Below are evaluations of the 25 players who stood out the most at the event, listed in alphabetical order.

Jabri Abdur-Rahim (2020/6’6’’/165/W) - Long and athletic, thrives on competition and takes over games for long stretches. Despite his slender frame, is not afraid of mixing it up inside, and is a proven finisher through contact. His size allows him to get off perimeter jumpers without much space. Excellent rebounder on both ends and takes pride in playing strong defense.

Allen Adenadu (2020/6’9’’/210/F) - Raw prospect and excellent athlete who made his presence felt on the defensive...


2016 Future of the Game - Las Vegas

May 2, 2016

Written by: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Each year skill level of the 5th & 6th graders attending the camp, seem to be getting better and better. I like the development of he young kids. I wish they get tougher and get in better shape. If you haven't attended a John Lucas, your in for a rude awakening. It's high intense and non-stop camp.

Below is a list of young players that stood out to me:

2022 Derian Ford 5'9 (Magnolia Central Middle) Magnolia, AR

Derrian has great size and a motor for his age. He goes hard an never seem to take a play off. Hes a craty lefty, that when he attacked the cup was unstoppable all weekend. He seem to get in trouble when he falls in love with his jump shot, it needs a lot of work. He's a physical defender and a very good offensive rebounder.

2022 Jeremiah Dargan 6'2 (Kings Valley Christian) Concord, CA

Jeremiah may have had the highest potenial of any kid in camp. For his height, he has very good coordination for his age. He has good touch and decent range on his jumper. He has...


Parity at the Top was the Order of the Day at the 2016 John Lucas Future of the Game - Vegas

May 2, 2016

Written by: Clark Francis (The Hoop Scoop)

We attended the 2016 John Lucas Future of the Game-West, which was held over the weekend at the Tarkanian Center in Las Vegas, NV, and the race really was too close to call among the likes of 6'2 8th Grader Jeremiah Dargan from Concord, CA, 5'1 6th GraderVincent Cruz Davis from Plano, TX, 5'5 6th Grader Jeremiah Johnson from Oklahoma City, OK, and 5'9 8th Grader Derrian Ford from Magnolia, AR when we start talking about who the top player was in camp. However, in the final analysis, we gave the nod to Dargan for a number of reasons. First, he's got the skills, athleticism, and versatility necessary to play both inside and outside. Second, he's got big hands and feet, tremendous length, and it's our guess that he will top out in the 6'10 to 7-foot range someday. Third, he's not a tough customer and will need to get bigger and stronger physically, but we liked the way he ran the court, competed, and was willing to get after it on the boards....


The Lab Experience

April 2, 2016

Written By Darnell ‘Tate’ Johnson

This was a first time event for Coach John Lucas and for me it was a great success. The Lab is his baby and it's legendary for not just young kids better, but also bona-fide stars like the Clipper DeAndre Jordan better.

So with that being said my evaluation will definitely be a little harsher because the 'Lab' quote, un-quote isn’t nothing nice.

Below is a few of my standout and high potential players that stood out to me.

2017 DJ Harvey 6'6 SG/WG (DeMatha) Washington D.C.

I been watching DJ play for years now and there’s not a skill set he doesn't possess for you prototypical SG. He can knock down the three, he can take you off the dribble and will drop dimes if your open. He can guard the two and the three and some fours. He athletic with bounce. Now what disappoints me at times he just won't be there. It's like he knows how good he is and feels he can turn it off and on when he wants. That's a no no when a player that skilled has the ultimate goal to play at the top level. Now this weekend, kind...


Charles Bassey Once Again Gets Rave Reviews at the 2016 John Lucas Enterprises Lab Experience

April 6, 2016

Published by Clark Francis (The Hoop Scoop)

Among the many things that we did at this year's NCAA Final Four in Houston, TX was attend the 2016 John Lucas Enterprises Lab Experience, which was held from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Saturday and on Sunday morning at Legends in Spring, TX And, once again, 6'10 Frosh Charles Bassey from San Antonio (St. Anthony Christian) TX solidified his spot at the top freshman in the nation. We're talking about somebody with tremendous length, agility, and athleticism, excellent post moves, a terrific nose for the ball, and great timing when it comes to blocking more than his share of shots, and has the ability to run the court and step out and hit the mid-range and long range jump shot. And, if that weren't enough, he also has a good motor and plenty of upside, especially if he doesn't lose any of his speed, quickness, and athleticism, as he gets bigger and stronger physically. In other words, we're talking about somebody with incredible...


The Lab Experience (2016)

This two day workout was directed by John Lucas and held during Final Four Weekend in Houston. The games was great to see and I had the opportunity to see a lot of kids in a limited amount of time. It does not take too long to identify who can, as well as who cannot play. There are many different views of how to approach camps as a player. Obviously so much emphasis is placed on scoring the basketball, most believe scoring is all that matters, but that is NOT all that evaluators are looking to see.

How well you score the basketball definitely matters, but myself, I like to first identify who really wants to compete. Who is the best competitor on the court? Do you play as hard on the defensive end, as you play on the offensive end? Once locating the best competitors, for me, then the process of breaking down a skill set to key in on the things that separate players. Starting with who know how to play, the right way. Many confuse getting buckets and quality buckets. Truth be told, even though scoring will always be at a premium, the emphasis needs to be placed on how many...


2016 Lab Experience Evaluations

April 4, 2016

Once again, Coach John Lucas brought in nearly 200 of the best players from the Houston area and around the country for The Lab, a camp held at Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands over Final Four weekend. Below are evaluations of the players who shined brightest in both the drills and the 4-on-4 games that took place, listed in alphabetical order by class.

Jase Febres (2017/6’5’’/180/SG) - Streaky shooter was nearly automatic from 3-point range this weekend. Febres is among the best scorers in Houston, and his marksmanship allows him to go by defenders and get to the basket, where he can finish with either hand. His elite size for the position also allows him to fire in mid-range jumpers with little room to maneuver. Should draw some interest from high majors if he continues making shots at this frequency.

DJ Harvey (2017/6’6’’/210/SF) - DeMatha product was in Houston all week and impressed me in his workouts at Fonde and in this event. Harvey is a mid-range shotmaker who can execute several different pivots and fakes, and often...


Plethora of Great Young Talent Highlights John Lucas All-Star Weekend

March 9, 2016

Written by: Clark Francis (The Hoop Scoop)

Who do you like better - 6'6 8th Grader Jabari Abdul-Rahim from Granite Bay, CA or 6'7 8th Grader Greg Brown from Carthage, TX? That was the big question we kept asking at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend, which was held over the weekend at the MI-3 Center and Legends Sports Complex in Houston, TX And, in the final analysis, we give Abdul-Rahim the nod after watching him knock down four 3-pointers, finish with 24 points, and make a number of big shots and help his team erase most of an 18-point deficit down stretch in the round of 16 against God First 2020. Abdul-Rahim is a big time athlete with long arms, quick hands and feet, a competitive edge, and the ability to play both inside or outside, thanks to his quickness to the basket, aggressiveness on the boards, good ball handling and passing skills for somebody his size, and ability to knock down the outside shot. He also appears to be a chip off the old block, as is evident by the fact that...


2016 John Lucas All-Star Weekend Day One Recap

March 6, 2016

Written by: Ani Umana

It’s 9:30 a.m on Saturday in the MI3 center and parking in the lot was almost non-existent for me. I finally found one and when I got in the gym, there was talent on each court. This day one recap I will highlight top performers and also talk about the top games I got to see.


Flight Elite out of California were a very fundamental team. Led by guards Jared McCain, Aiden Mahaney and post Jeremiah Dargan, they were able to lead their team to an impressive victory over Nike D1 - Premier. McCain does a good job breaking defenders down and getting into the lane. He also shot 40% from three in his first two games. His problem is that he didn’t finish well in the paint but he had no problem getting inside. Drew Steffe for D1-Premier was impressive. With that team being down a guard and a post, Steffe stepped up and looked to be more aggressive with the ball. Usually he allows the game to come to him which is fine but on Saturday was coming off screens and looking to score knowing his team needed someone to step up. D1-Premier fought hard on...


John Lucas All-Star Weekend Day Two Recap

March 6, 2020 1am

Written by: Ani Umana

Championship Sunday consisted of some highly anticipated and close games. When bracket play came around, the intensity heated up and emotions were high.

Lets start with 2022 and Austin Nunez of Hardwork. He has gotten better every time I see him and he is such a threat from the perimeter that it allows his teammates opportunities to score. His IQ is high on offense and his ability to find the roll man on picks and to dribble out of presses was good to see.

Bryce Griggs had a solid showing as well although his team lost earlier than expected. Griggs had to lead the team or be top three in multiple categories this weekend. He was a do it all guard.

Harrison Alexander for GC Ballers is long and athletic. He is versatile on offense and defense which allowed him to play different spots on the floor and still be effective. I liked how he played on Saturday, but on Sunday he was being smarter with the ball and was crashing the boards better.

For Pray and Play, Adriel Smith impressed me on Sunday. The guard loves to push the ball and...


2016 John Lucas All-Star Weekend - Day 1

March 5, 2016

Written by: Nick Milosevich (Top 100 Talent)

John Lucas All-Star Weekend always brings together some of the nation’s finest young basketball talent, and the 2016 event got started on Saturday with pool play action. The oldest three divsions were held at the MI3 Center, and many of the games were well-played, tight contests that were decided on a few crucial plays.

The morning session was highlighted by the spectacular play of the God First 14u squad, who were led by the nation’s top 2020 player Kyree Walker. The overall court vision and passing ability of Walker cannot be overstated, and his presence on the floor led to a spree of easy baskets for an already loaded God First team. They won their two contests by 35 and 37 points, setting a benchmark for the other 14u squads later in the day. Adam Kanafani also stood out for God First, displaying a versatile offensive game that led to scores from a variety of spots on the court.

Among the other pool winners in the 14u division...


2016 John Lucas All-Star Weekend - Day 2

March 6, 2016

Written by: Nick Milosevich (Top 100 Talent)

After an exciting Saturday to open John Lucas All-Star Weekend, Sunday would bring the tournament to a close with the knockout rounds. In the 14u division, the quarterfinals were perhaps the highlight of the event, with the four games being played simultaneously in front of huge crowds lining the courts. Texas Titans, after struggling for much of Saturday, finally found their rhythm thanks to the point guard play of Mike Miles. Miles scored at will and also found teammate Karson Stastny for a couple of long jumpers as they easily defeated Team KC by a final of 64-44.

Team Thad appeared to be in line for an upset victory over Select One, leading by as many as 12 points in the second half behind the superior inside play of Chris Moore. Team Thad was the only team in the tournament who could match Select One’s size in the frontcourt, and Moore outplayed the opposition, making many key plays on the offensive glass. However,...


New York Lightning Trio Dominates at the John Lucas Enterprises Camp Right Way – East

February 2, 2016

The best player at the John Lucas Enterprises Camp Right Way - East, which was held over the weekend at Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia, PA, was 5'11 8th Grader Posh Alexander from Brooklyn (I.S. 392) NY and he has all of the ingredients necessary to project as one of the next great guards to come out of New York City. We're talking about a tough hardnosed competitor with big time athleticism, the ability to lock his man up defensively, and a knack of being able to both go strong to the basket and beat you with his outside shooting. He also has good ball handling and passing skills, an unselfish demeanor, and is capable of playing either guard spot, although we like him better at the 2-guard spot due to the fact that he's such a great scorer and he's likely going to grow a lot more.

However, it appears that Alexander is the point guard on his club team and, ironically, 6'0 8th Grader Amir Spears from Hartford (Sage Park Middle School) CT, who is Alexander's backcourt mate on the New York Lightning's 8th grade team, checks in as our second best player in camp....