2016 Future of the Game - Hampton

July 5, 2016

Written by: Darnell "Tate" Johnson (AllMetroHoops.com)

Each year the FOTG-East becomes more of a national event. This year there was kids represented from over 20 states and as far away as California. Its seems like the kids in attendance this year were more attentive and ready to learn. At this age all I can do is evaluate, because 85% of the kids in camp are guards and their true position will not be defined for years to come.

Below are a few standouts from that weekend:

2022 Jaden Bradley 5'11 (Cannon School) Charlotte, NC

Long and athletic for his age. He plays very aggressive and is skilled for his age. He's a very good rebounder on both ends. He's is a man amongst boys at this age.

2022 Jonathan Starling 5'9 (Ray Middle School) Syracuse, NC

He has one of the purest strokes I ever seen for a kid his age. He also knows how to get to the cup and finish with either hand. He's also a very unselfish player, that sees the whole court. He's a very solid defender.

2022 Caleb Byrd 5'3 (Mauldin Middle) Mauldin, SC

He is a jet quick point guard, that sees the whole court. He drops dimes with precision. He has a sweet stroke from deep. He has cat quick hands and feet, which makes him a headache on defense. He has a very high I.Q.

2022 Dylan Purnell 5'5 (Rolesville Middle) Raleigh, NC

He has a very good stroke and knows his spots to shoot from. Hes very good at runnng the floor and filling the lane. He knows how to use the screen at a young age.

2022 Jesse Reaves III 5'6 (Carrington Middle) Durham, NC

He was one of the most athletic kids in camp. He played the whole camp with a high motor. He guarded almost every player on the floor. He had no problem getting to the rim ans finishing.

2022 Daryl Simmons II 5' (6th Grade Academy) Norwich, CT

Another jet quick point guard, that has crazy handles and has no problem gettng the lane and causing havoc. He already has a consistent tear drop in his arsenal. He has excellent court vision.

2022 Emmanuel Leftenant 5' (Nazareth)

He has a good skill set. Has a decent shot, sees the whole floor and he drop dimes with a flair. He is cat quick.

2022 Silas J Demary Jr 5'5 (East Millbrook Middle) Raleigh, NC

He has very good understanding of the game. He's a very good on ball defender and will guard you 94 feet. His quickenss allows him the ability to get in the lane and finish.

2022 Brandon Nelson Jr 5'5 (Community House Middle) Charlotte, NC Has a high I.Q., and really plays when he doesn't have someone in his ear. I seen this before, if kept up the kid could wind up hating the game. I really like how the kid competes. He can shoot it and has no problem scoring in the paint with contact.

2022 Louis Hutchinson 5'7 (Georgetown Day School) Upper Marlboro, MD

he young man runs like a greyhound. He's still a little raw on the skill set, but that never stopped him from competing. He was very aggressive on the defensive end.

2022 Aryan Young 4'8 (Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School)

From the moment he put the ball on the floor, you could tell he was a NYC point guard. He over dribbled at times, but handled it on a string. He had very good court vision and sees the whole floor. He needs to learn that simple can be better. He gets in the lane at will.

2022 Davd Thomas 5'11 (Luella Middle) Locust Grove, GA

He's a tenacious player that has a non-stop motor. He's also skilled with a good body at his age. He knows how to play and that shows in every aspect of his game.

2022 Garrison Phelps 5'6 (Wildfire Middle) Pheonix, Az

He has a good body for his age and knows how to use it. He's very physical for his age. He loves to attack the basket and more than not finished. He's also a very physical defender.

2022 Efrain Davila 5'4 (Esperanza prep) Bronx, NY

A stocky guard that handles the ball well. He has a good feel for the game. He does need to be more aggresive on the defensive ends.

2022 Tyler Csintyan 5'9 (Kearsley) Flint, MI

Long and skilled. He can play multiple positions. You can tell from his skill set, that he's a camp vet. He can stroke it an post it. He can pass from anywhere on the court. He's a very solid defender.

2022 Cameran Oates 5'5 (Trinity Christian) Fayetteville, NC

He's very aggressive and plays with a very good motor. He knows how to get buckets and has a nice feel. He just make plays.

2022 Armand Pierce II 5'7 (Harold Winkler Middle) Concord, NC

Is long for age, but plays lead guard very well. He's quick and decisive with the ball. He doesnt do a lot of wasted moves. He's a quick and aggressive defender.

2022 Larison LaMette 5'1 (Smith Middle) Cypress, TX

He also has a very high I.Q and is crafty with the ball. He had no problem getting to te basket and finishing. I really liked his court vision. He didn't play with the ball, he got it and pushed it.

2022 Quanye Veney 5'3 (Fairfield Middle) Richmond, VA

He has very good handles and good court vision. He played with good poise all weekend. He was very good at on ball and help defense. He has a decent jump shot.

2023 David Delancy 5'9 (Sea Castle Elementary) Miami Gardens, Fl

He's long for his age and plays straight up. He has very good skills but needs to loosen up. I like the touch on his shot.

2023 Tyler Flowers 4'10 (St. Edmonds Academy) Wilmington, DE

He played with a chip and some high major swag. He deceptively quick and can get by you with a couple dribbles. His first step can fool you. He has very good handles and sees the whole court.

2023 Rolijah Hardy 5' (Mckeel Academy) Lakeland, FL

A little tough on the heavy side lead guard that wil fool you with his size. He's quick and has good food work. He has a excellent feel for the game and seems to make positive play after positive play.

2024 Jerry Easter Jr 5'4 (Maumee Valley Country Day) Maumee, OH

Was the youngest kid in camp, but more then held his own. Has a tremendous I.Q. for his age. I never seen a 4th grader with his feel for the game. He has a nice stroke and good handles. I look forward to seeing his development, in years to come.