2016 Future of the Game - Las Vegas

May 2, 2016

Written by: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Each year skill level of the 5th & 6th graders attending the camp, seem to be getting better and better. I like the development of he young kids. I wish they get tougher and get in better shape. If you haven't attended a John Lucas, your in for a rude awakening. It's high intense and non-stop camp.

Below is a list of young players that stood out to me:

2022 Derian Ford 5'9 (Magnolia Central Middle) Magnolia, AR

Derrian has great size and a motor for his age. He goes hard an never seem to take a play off. Hes a craty lefty, that when he attacked the cup was unstoppable all weekend. He seem to get in trouble when he falls in love with his jump shot, it needs a lot of work. He's a physical defender and a very good offensive rebounder.

2022 Jeremiah Dargan 6'2 (Kings Valley Christian) Concord, CA

Jeremiah may have had the highest potenial of any kid in camp. For his height, he has very good coordination for his age. He has good touch and decent range on his jumper. He has very good ball handling skills and showed it more than once by rebounding the ball and going coast to coast and finishing. Where he disappointed me was his lack of domination. He seemed to be embarrassed that he was so much bigger than most the kids, that he played passive most the weekend. He needs to understand its not his fault and punish anybody who tries to guard him regardles of height.

2022 Jerimiah Johnson 5'5 Oklahoma City, OK

I really like this young baller. The two times I've seen him, he always seemed to be about his business. He's quick, athletic and makes good decision, with and without the ball. His shots looking much better, but he knows his strengths is getting to the cup and finishing. I like the fact that he'll travel anywhere for competition. He attended the FOTG-East and put in work and then came out here this past weekend and put in work.

2022 Sean Chris Tresvant 5' (Rosemont Ridge) Portland, OR

Another young guard with a high IQ and a tremondous upside. He played with good patience all weekend and we know how hard that can be with young ballers. He showed he can score at all three levels. He wasnt affraid to mix it up and stick his head in there. I would like to see him get more aggressive on the offensive and not defer as much.

2022 Brendan Hausen 5'9 (Bonham Middle) Amarillo, TX

He has real good post moves and finished around the basket with both hands. He has good touch on his mid range shot and also knows how to use the glass to his advantage. He needs to get more agile. Hes a real good passer out the post.

2022 Gunner Walters 5'3 (St. Stephen) San Francisco, CA

Gunner is the son of former Kansas star Rex Walters. He plays with the IQ of coaches son, but also has some swagger with his game. He was quick with the ball end to end. He saw the whole court and he has a nice stroke. He seemed to make positive play after positive play.

2022 Vincent Cruz Davis 5'1 (Armstrong Middle) Plano, TX

Davis has all the tools you want in your point guard. He was jet quick from end to end but still played under control. He understood the value of getting his teammates inolved. His understanding of the game this early is uncanning. I definitley look forward to watching his growth.

2022 Jordan Williams 5'7 (The Kincaid School) Houston, TX

Jordan's athletic and strong for his age. He played multiple positions on the floor. He was dynamic going coast to coast and finishing with contact. His physicality is what seperates him from kids his age now.

2022 Camron Amboree 5'2 (Humble Middle) Humble, TX

Cam's is always one of the most polished players on the floor. He just kows how to play. He can score in a variety of ways. He knows how to play in the flow of the game. He has the ability to take over the game. He knows hes good and plays like it.

2022 Zemetrius Cotton Jr. 5'4 (Warm Springs) Murrieta, CA

Z is jet quick and a headache on both ends of the court. He seemed to get at the rim at will. He guarded 94 feet. He stayed on attack mode. He needs to work on his jumper and that should could come.

2022 MarQuis Cook 5'10 (Sabin) Portland, OR

Marquis was one of the tallest kids in the camp and knew how to use his length. He showed decent footwork and soft hands. He played aggressive at times and sometimes he did not. He still has a lot of room for growth in his game and you expect that from a long 6th grader. He's defintely a high potential player.

2022 Rowan Maida 5'2 (New Roads Middle) Los Angeles, CA

Maida was a baller. He played with much confidence and a swagger. He had a deep stroke and wasnt scared to pull the trigger. He has a flashy game and when he decides to tone it down, his game will really take off.

2022 Zeke Viuhkole 5'1 (Our Lady the Lake) Westland, OR

Zeke has a great stroke and a very good feel for the game. You can tell he's been ballling for years, because of his high IQ. I would like to see him just let go at times and not think so much.

2022 Creed Williamson 5'10 (Merryhill Midtown) Sacramento, CA

Creed is a kid that breeds potential. He's a little raw, but he did work hard. He stayed active around the basket and showed a decent touch around the basket. He needs work on his footwork. With his dad being Arkansas Basketball great and NBA player (Corliss Williamson), his footwork has no choice to get better. By the work he put in, in station work, I'm confident his game will grow.

2022 Deombre Brodie 4'9 (Millard North Middle) Omaha, NE

Deombre is lightning quick and makes good decisions in the open and half court. He has a real nice stroke and on defense he will take your cookies. He did that many times this past weekend.

2023 Gavin Murphy 5'6 (Long Lots) West Port, CT

Murphy comes into the gym to compete. He's tough and plays with an edge. He has a sweet stroke, but he rather get to the cup. He knows and understand the game. You can tell by how he plays, he's a gym rat.

2022 Joshua Caruthers 4'8 (St. Johns School) Houston, TX

J may be one of the smallest kids in the camp, but I can tell you hands down he's one of the toughest. The little man can be nasty and Iove it. He guards 94 feet and when he has the ball will put pressure on you because he's coming straight at you. He seems to get his shot off at will and knocked down big shots this past weekend.

2023 Jackson Shelstad 4'10 (Rosemont Middle) Westland, OR

Jackson may have been favorite kid at the camp. He's jet quick and plays with much confidence. He blew by most the players guarding him and that includes 6th graders also. He has a very high IQ and sees all the floor. He's a very good on ball defender and I watched him more then once make his opponent pick up their dribble. He can knock down the deep ball and has a sweet floater.

2023 Makaen Hastings 4'5 (Cottonwood Elementary) Salina, KS

The floppy hair mighty mouse was another favorite of mine. This little man competed with the best of them. He played with a flair and made positive play after positive play.

2023 Jaland Lowe 4'11 (Second Baptist) Missouri City, TX

Jaland plays like a kid that learned the game at a very young age. He has good handles and a nice stroke, he understands the importance of the floater and uses it well. He sees the whole court. Even though he's light in the seat, he's tough as nails. He's not afraid of contact.