2018 Camp Right Way - Houston


This year’s Camp Right Way Houston was unique. There was a lot of talent overall, but the level of competition was unbalanced. It was positive to see that if these kids learn how to compete at a high level and build their basketball IQ, that this class will have some strong prospects. Evidence of this was shown immediately, as the level of play made a huge jump on day 2. These are just a few players that stood out this weekend.

Class 2023

137 Jacobe Cole Houston, TX Meyerland Middle School 2023 6’3 150 G

It was good to see him play with the level of aggressiveness expected of him. Clearly established himself as one of the elite players in this class. Showed he could impact the game in many ways. As he continues to develop a more efficient offensive package, he will be a great prospect.

30 Jaland Lowe Houston, TX Tanglewood Middle School 2023 5’9″ 120 G

Establishing himself as an elite PG. High IQ and plays with very good vision and pace. Can shoot efficiently from 3 and finishes just as well in the paint.

13 Chris Johnson Missouri City, TX First Colony Middle School 2023 6’0″ 165 G/F

His play solidified that he is the elite prospect we think he is. Big guard with a nice balance of strength and explosiveness. Has a knack for getting where he wants off the dribble.

61 Frederick Payne Ruston, LA Ruston Junior High School 2023 6’0″ 140 G

This was without a doubt his coming out party. Established himself as a consistent high-level performer on both ends of the floor. Constantly got in the paint and made the right plays. Made the game look easy with his pace and IQ.

65 Finley Bizjack Keller, TX Keller Middle School 2023 6’2″ 135 G

He solidified himself as one of the premier guards in this class. Good athlete that proved he can consistently and efficiently make plays for his teammates and himself all camp.

147 Jaden Greathouse Austin, TX Hill Country Middle School 2023 6’2″ 180 G

He made his case to be one of the most physically imposing guards in this case. Strong physical guard that used his frame and shifty handle to live in the paint all camp. He also showed he is unselfish and used his vision to keep his teammates involved. Has nice stroke from 3 that kept defense guessing.

39 Josh Ugbaja Houston, TX Strack Intermediate 2023 6’0″ 155 G/F

He showed this camp that he has turned the corner to become a very nice prospect in this class. Long athletic guard that plays with a lot of versatility. As his games matures, has a chance to be a very nice prospect.

33 Corey Kelly Houston, TX Kipp Sunnyside 2023 6’3″ 160 F/C

He came in to camp and played the way you like. He did all the things expected and at a consistent level. As he develops his stock will rapidly rise.

100 George Washington III Spicewood, TX Homeschool 2023 5’10” 130 G

He is clearly developing into one of the top scorers in the class. Very polished scorer for his age. Very heady scorer that knows how to manipulate defense and get the shot he wants. Really like the way he has grown to embrace the physical parts of the game.

81 Christopher Lockett New Orleans LA Arthur Ashe Middle school 2023 6’3″ 145 G

He established with ease that he is a high-level prospect in this class. Long athlete that is strong off the dribble and finishes well in traffic. He has really grown as a outside shooter and makes it very tough for players to stop him.

103 Shey Eberwein The Woodlands, TX McCullough Jr. High 2023 6’1″ 140 G

He is developing into a high-level scorer. Long scorer that has a consistent shooting touch and effective making plays off the dribble. If he continues to develop at this pass, he can become a very nice prospect.

143 David Delancy Pembroke Pines, FL Franklin Academy 2023 6’3″ 155 G

Every time seen, more maturity seen maturity in this kid’s game. He continues to grow as a scorer and playmaker with the ball in his hands. Shows the ability to impact the game in many ways as he continues to develop.

95 Justin Scott Houston, TX Mitchel 2023 6’4 170 G/F

A forward that shows a lot of promise with his size and tools. He has taken a big step with his motor. If he continues to develop, he can be an intriguing prospect.

96 Ethan Marque Lake Charles, LA Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School 2023 6’0″ 150 F

This kid is a coach’s dream. The kind of player everyone wants to play with. Has good size and is floor general with great vision. Also showed a nice scoring touch, he plays very efficiently.

141 Tyler Rnggold Zachary, LA University Laboratory School 2023 6’5″ 155 F/C

This kid is a very intriguing prospect. He shows huge upside! Can make plays attacking off the dribble and shooting the 3. Rebounds and challenges shots well. As his motor improves, so will his level.

108 Aiden Wall Keller, TX Indian Springs Middle School 2023 5’4 115 G

Watching this young man, he jumps out at you with his energy. Fearless guard that is aggressive attacking and finishing with a spring. A high level on ball defender that forced turnovers all camp.

140 Ashton Lux Cypress, TX Salyards Middle School 2023 6’4” 198 F/C

Strong active forward that is comfortable facing up and making plays on the perimeter. Does a nice job of finishing with contact and rebounding outside his area.

16 Travis Dunwoody Houston, TX Western Academy 2023 6’1″ 176 F

Hardnose tough player that competed for every rebound and showed he can defend multiple positions very effectively. Finished strong and showed vision in traffic.

35 Jace Pose Houston, TX Grace School 2023 6’0″ 150 G

He showed me potential to be an elite prospect. Long athletic guard that uses a verity of moves attacking and finishing in the paint. Showed some glimpses of dominant play.

Class 2024

162 Zion Pipkin Houston, TX Wells Middle School 2024 5’9 135 G

Young man made a strong case to be one of the top prospects in his class. Strong aggressive playmaking guard that plays with very good pace and vision. Showed he can effectively knock down 3’s and finish well in traffic

163 Justin Begg Houston, TX Annunciation Orthodox School 2024 5’0″ G

Never disappoints when seen. He is one of the most efficient and effective point guards in his class. A very confident, shifty, and efficient young playmaker that plays with a nice balance of creating for teammates and himself.

116 Tory James, Jr. Houston, TX Lanier Middle School 2024 5’9″ 112 G

He is growing into one of the most dangerous shooters in his class. Very high-level shooter for his age off the dribble and on the catch. Has made a lot of progress attacking and finishing in the paint.

8 Breylan Thompson Missouri City, TX Quail Valley Middle School 2024 5’4″ 115 G

I love watching this kids’ effort. Athletic aggressive players that is a fierce on ball defender and play maker with the ball is his hands. Really liked his vision and shooting stroke.

85 Maverick Binder Table Rock, NE Auburn Public Schools 2024 5’7″ 124 G

He is another player that improves each time I see him. Played with a high motor and a high IQ. He shoots the ball very well and was impressive making plays on the defensive end.

152 Charlie Georgelos Boerne, TX Geneva School of Boerne 2024 5’8′ 120 G

He is growing in confidence since I saw him earlier this year. Aggressive guard that competes on both ends. Does a good job of making the right plays. Showed he can shoot the ball efficiently.

169 Will Cianfrini The Woodlands, TX McCullough Junior High School 2024 5’9 90 G

He is quickly developing into a strong prospect. He is a long athletic guard that is aggressive on both ends and plays with a high IQ and good vision.

167 Tres Luzey The Woodlands, TX McCullough 2024 5’2″ 80 G

Aggressive young guard that showed he can score the ball consistently. As he continues to improve as a playmaker can become a nice PG.

67 William Hamilton Houston, TX Kinkaid 2024 5’0″ 90 G

He plays with a fire that is a joy to watch. High motored PG. that is very aggressive on both sides of the ball. As his playmaking develops, so will his productions.

Notable Underclassmen:

12 Eian Lowe Houston, TX Kinkaid 2025 4’9 75 PG

This young man may have been the hardest worker in the entire camp. Relentless young guard that attacked the basket consistently and efficiently the whole camp. Really active on defense caused a ton of turnovers.

69 Quinn De Groot The Woodlands, TX Coulson Tough 2025 5’0″ 90 G

Great to see a player so young with such a high basketball IQ. Very High IQ point guard that consistently makes the right play. Very efficient as a catch and shot player. Confident attacking the paint as well.

131 Trae Lewis Spring, TX Tom Cox Intermediate School 2025 5’0″ 90 G

This young player played with loads of energy. Confident and aggressive young PG for his age that plays with a nice burst with the ball and has a nice floor vision.