2018 John Lucas Rising Stars Invitational

By: Ben Perkins - June 26, 2018

This year’s camp included some of the top 4th,5th, and 6thgraders from around the country. Overall it was a competitive group from top to bottom and showed they hand a strong feel for how to play offensively. As they continue to develop their IQ on both ends of the floor, they have potential to be very strong classes. These are just a few of the many standout from camp.

Dalen Fuller2024-6’0-Tulsa, OK- A long athletic forward that played with a high motor and was aggressive rebounding and in transition.

Christian Joe-2024-6’2-Houston, TX-He has good size and a wide body that he used well when rebounding and finishing around the basket.

Zion Pipkins-2024-5’8-Humble, TX- A strong body wing with a good handle and an instinct to finish. He showed the ability to knock down the 3, that made him a tough guard.

Will Cianfrini-2024-5’4-The Woodlands, TX- A long high motored competitor with good IQ that allowed him to force a ton of steals all weekend. Has nice shooting mechanics and aggressive slashing to the rim.

TJ James-2024-5’6-Houston, TX- He should the potential to be an elite knock down shooter with a handle that allowed him to create space. I like his willingness to get up on the ball defensively and be aggressive.

Jermaurhiyon Brown-2024-5’6-Greenville, SC- A aggressive guard with a very good handle that he used to constantly attack the rim and display his ability as a crafty finisher.

KJ Farfan- 2024-5’5-Miami, FL- Competed all weekend with a very good feel for the game and a natural basketball IQ.

Christian Anderson-2024-5’0-Atlanta, GA-He is a natural competitor with a very good handle and good floor vision. He showed a consistent stroke from 3 all weekend.

Kasen Krueger-2024-5’6-Alamo, CA- He is a strong guard with a high IQ for the game. He proved to be a very good shooter with an ability to create space for himself and has nice floor vision.

Eric Paymon-2024-6’4-Jackson, MS- He has great size for his age with a strong body frame and finished well around the paint.

Jaden Colzie- 2024-5’5-Lafayette Hill, PA-He was a very good floor general all weekend that played unselfish and showed good floor vision.

Julian Bunton-2024-5’5-Louisville, KY- He is a great competitor with a nice handle and stood out with his aggressive on ball defense.

Neffi Taiwo-2024-6’4-Houston, TX-He has very good size with a long frame and showed he can consistently rebound and finish around the rim.

Ja’Mon Valentine-2024-5’9-Piedmont, OK- A good athlete that finishes very well with contact. He showed he a good ballhandler and was very good in transition.

Maverick Binder-2024-5’6-Table Rock, NE- He really stood out all weekend with his all-around play. He is a crafty ballhandler that should he can finish very well in transition. He also showed a very good shooting stroke that made him tough to deal with all weekend.

William Hamilton-2024-4’11- Houston, TX- I really enjoyed watching his competitiveness all weekend. He never backed down from a match up all weekend.

Max George-2024-5’9-San Antonio, TX- He played with a good motor and finished well. He was a good on ball defender and a strong handle.

Justin Begg-2024-5’0-Houston, TX- He was without a doubt one of the most illusive and shifty lead guards in camp and was very creative finishing in traffic. He showed a smooth shooting stroke and nice floor vision.

Breylan Thompson-2024-5’3-Sugar Land, TX- He caught my eye with his high motor and aggressive defense. He excelled slashing to the basket and attacking in transition.

Jamal Chretien II-2024-5’3-Houston, TX- He is a long guard with an aggressive mindset. Really showed flashes of dominance on all levels offensively. As he becomes more consistent can be a real prospect.

Tres Luzey-2024-5’0-The Woodlands, TX-He stood out with his aggressive on ball defense and overall IQ. It was good to see his shooting improve and be more confident all weekend.

Charlie Georgelos-2024-5’7-Boerne, TX-He separated himself all weekend with his efficient high IQ playmaking. Always seemed to make the right choice and competed on defense every position.

Jhase McMillan-2024-5’4-Houston, TX- He jumped out to me as one of the most active players in camp. He is a good athlete that has a good handle and seems to enjoy finishing with contact. He also was extremely aggressive on defense.

De’Shon Scott-2025-5’11-Houston, TX- He is a big strong athlete that runs well and finishes well with contact. Good rebounder and physical defender.

Cameron Simpson-2024-5’7-Orlando, FL- He is a long guard with a nice natural feel for the game. He really excelled slashing to the basket.

Darien Luke-2024-5’6-Oklahoma City, OK- He impressed me with his high energy and tough mindset and made plays on both end of the floor.

Billy (Trey) Petty-2024-6’0-Starkville, MS-He stood out with his good size and athleticism. His motor never turned off making him a terror on defense and rebounding. He was also explosive in transition.

Robert Russell-2024-5’5-Carmel, IN-He stood out as a fast, strong guard whose aggressive mind set made it extremely tough to keep out of the paint.

Jaxon Prunty-2024-5’9-Charlotte, NC- He really stepped it up on Day 2 and used his long frame and good feel for the game to make play after play.

Sean Dalberg-2024-6’3-Leander, TX-He used his great size to impose his well on the boards and showed the ability to finish very well around the basket.

Josiah Biddle-2024-5’2-Fort Worth, TX-He is a fast, aggressive guard that is a strong finisher. He also showed he can consistently knock down the 3.

Jackson Washington-2024-5’5-Spicewood, TX- He stood out as a very good competitor that played with a very high IQ. He should very efficient left-handed shooting mechanics.

Calvin Murphy III-2025-5’2-Houston, TX- He proved to be a good shooter with a high basketball IQ and proved he can finish efficiently with contact.

Elijah Black-2025-4’8-Houston, TX- He is a very fast floor general that took control of his team and consistently made the right plays with the ball in his hands.

JT Tipton-2025-4’6-Citrus Springs, FL-He separated himself with his great competitiveness and high IQ. He proved to be a good shooter and consistent playmaker.

Anthony Smith III-2025-Minneapolis, MN- He is a fast hardnose competitor with a creative handle and showed good skill finishing.

Kingston Flemings-2025-5’2-San Antonio, TX-He stood out as maybe the most well-rounded guard in his class at camp. He consistently impacted the game in every aspect. He showed very good potential as a prospect.

Eian Lowe-2025-4’10-Houston, TX-He embodies what a Pitbull on the court looks like. He plays with a very high IQ and is a terror on ball defender. I really liked the way he has grown as a playmaker.

De’zaun Robinson-2025-5’5-Fredericksburg, VA- He impressed me with his very good handle and all-around defense. I loved the way he consistently finished in transition.

Elijah Garrett-2026-He excelled as a very good competitor with great instincts. He played with great pace and was a handful in transition. He clearly has positioned himself as on of the top guards in his class.

William (Trey) Pinkard-2026-4’10-Spring, TX- He established himself as one of the most well-rounded point guards in his class. He kept defender of balance with his fast change of pace handle and very efficient shooting stroke. He also showed he can finish in traffic and has very good vision.

Trae Nunn-2026-5’7-San Antonio, TX- He is a strong bodied wing that played with a high IQ. He also should a good shooting stroke that makes him tough to guard.

Randy Livingston Jr.-2026-5’0-West Palm Beach, FL- He should a strong handle and high IQ. He has good shooting mechanics and finished well in traffic.

Morgan Luzey-2026-4’9-The Woodlands, TX- He stood out as a hard nosed on ball defender that never backed down. He showed he can lead a group older than himself and was confident shooting the ball.