2019 John Lucas Future of the Game - Vegas

By: Ben Perkins (PerkPerformance)

This year’s camp was a very nice group of young players. There was a nice balance of talent from all areas. It was exciting to see the number of players around 6’0 tall that showed the ability to attack rebounds, push the ball in transition, and either finish it themselves or make the right passes. There was a nice group of hard nose point guards that pressured the ball on defense and were aggressive making plays for themselves are teammates on the other end. I also liked seeing a few wings that played balanced and efficient on both ends of the floor. This year’s camp was also one of the most coachable groups we have had in the last few years. They received instruction well and worked to apply the skills during the live work.

Here are just a few players that stood out from this past weekend’s camp.

Eian Lowe Houston, TX Kinkaid 2025 4'10" 70 G

Trenton Pane Dallas, TX McCullough intermediate 2025 5'6" 100 G/F

Kellen Hampton Hayward, CA St. Leo the Great (Oakland) 2025 5'10" 135 G

Julian Plaza Brentwood, CA William Bristow Middle School 2025 5'2" 95 G

Isaiah Cunningham Tacoma, WA Cedar Crest Middle School 2025 5'11" 142 G/F

Jaden Spears Sacramento, CA Sacramento Country Day School 2025 5'5" 101 G

Jordan Boggan-Cryer Auburn, WA Seattle Christian 2025 5'6'' 100 G

Milak Dorsey Myatt Philadelphia, PA Saint Raymond 2025 5'8" 110 G

Dennis Guam France Saint Therses 2025 5'2" 99 G

Andrew Bhesania Phoenix, AZ Ridgeline Academy 2025 5'10" 108 G/F

Christian Pedrotti Brentwood, CA Bristow Middle School 2025 5'2" 90 G

Micah Williams Inglewood, CA Ribet Academy 2025 5'4" 80 G/F

Langston Adams, Jr. Port Arthur, TX St. Anne 2026 4'10" 80 G

Coriahnn Gallatin Fremont, NE Johnson Crossing Academy Center 2026 5'3" 98 G

Bryce Brown Oklahoma City, OK Piedmont Intermediate 2026 4'8" 75 G

Marquice Cole Jr. Chandler, AZ Tarwater Elementary 2026 5’2" 90 G

Michael Pierre Gurnee, IL Woodland 2027 4'8" 90 G