John Lucas Camp Right Way - Chicago

August 31, 2016

Written By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson (All Metro Hoops)

This year Camp Right Way-Chicago, was loaded with very good guard play. The guards played with higher I.Q's then in past years. This was one of the most unselfish Camp Right Ways I ever covered. Even though its called Camp Right Way Chicago, there was player represented from over 23 states and Canada. Two of the NBA retired players (Juwan Howard and Larry Hughes) had their sons in attendance and felt this camp has value for their kids.

Below is just of a few standout players I observed from the camp:

2021 Michael Mitchell G 5'11 (Harker) San Jose, CA

He has very good size for a PG his age. He was one of the smoothest guards in camp. He played with good pace and made good decisions. He could score at all three levels. He had a sweet stroke that never looked rushed. He could be more aggresive on defense.

2021 Jaylon McDaniel PF-C 6'4 (Delta Woods Middle School) Lee Summit, MO

He's 6'4 and runs the floor like a guard. He has very good touch on his jump shot and was very dominant in the post. He was one of the few players who finished above the rim all weekend with ease. He has decent ball handling skills, but as they develop, his game will take leaps and bounds.

2021 David Wilkerson G 5'5 (Dewitt) Lansig, MI

He's jet quick and handles the ball on a string. He navigtes well in traffic and sees the whole foor while in there. He's tough as nails and wasn't bothered by contact.

2021 Ihsan Duncan F 5'11 (Eaton Middle School) Hampton, VA

He was one of the most aggresive players at the camp. He attacked the cup over and over again with great success. He was way more physical then the players guarding him. Inwould like to call him a guard, but the moment he's a WF, because 95% of the time he forgot he had a left hand and didn't do much distributing.

2021 Daelyn Williams G 5'7 (Twin Creeks Middle) Spring, TX

He has all the tools to be an high level PG for years to come. He has good defensive instincts and will guard you baseline to baseline. Hes jet quick with crazy handles. He still needs to get more under control and make better decisions.

2021 Freedom Rhames G 5'5 (Turning Point MS) Los Angeles, CA

For young age, the young man has a very high I.Q. He showed toughness coming out to this camp and competing. He did a good job of running his unit and making good decision. He didn't shoot a lot, but when he did they were good shots.

2021 Antoine Foxx Jr. G 5'9 (Antelope Crossing MS) Antelope, CA

He's a strong guard that likes to attack. He's very physical on both sides of the ball. He just needs to finish better, when he gets to the rim. His work ethic showed in station work and games

2021 Kevin Miller G 5'3 (Providence) Chicago, IL

He's a little pitbull. He stays on attack and plays downhill. He has no problem getting in the lane and finishing against much bigger kids. He's a very good tough shot maker. On defense, he's tenacious from baseline to baseline. All I described was another good looking up and coming Chicago point guard.

2021 Preston Murphy Jr. G 5'7 (Elkhorn Valley View) Omaha, NE

He has all the skills you want in a young point guard. He has good size, handles the ball on a string and has that special swivel in the hips the special point guards have. Hes very good at getting cup and finishing. The more polished he gets the easier he'll make the game look.

2021 Tevin Smith C 6'3 (Northridge MS) Danville, IL

He's very talented perimeter player, wouldn't say he has a position quite yet. Finishes well in transition and does well finishing through contact. His ability to guard is there but his desire to be a stopper is not. Has the tools to be an elite.

2021 Parker Day F/C 6'1 (White Pine MS) Saginaw, MI

He was one of the most efficient playere all weekend. He made the right decision the majority of the time. He's tall, skilled and very unselfish. He's very good shooting the ball 12 feet in. He's not a great athlete, but more then makes up for it with his I.Q.

2021 Gregory Johnson II G 5'8 (Princeton) Cincinnati, OH

He has that aggressive wiggle game. He stays in attack mode and is already knocking down the floater with consistently. He was fearless all weekend.

2021 Tyler Montague G 5'7 (Morton MS) Dayton, OH

He has a nice little package with him. He's a lefty slasher, that has a good feel for the game. He has good court vision and is a decent athlete.

2021 Jimmy Scholler F 6' (Forrest Hills Central)

He impressed me by being a young man thats comfortable in the post and knew what he was doing. He was physical and knew how to get the position he wanted. He's very skilled and fundamentally sound for his age. He was a difference on defense by contesting shot after shot.

2021 Daylan Jones F 6'2 (Allison Traditional Magnet) Wichita, KS

I don't rank kids in these camps, but this kid was definitely upper echelon. He has loads of talent. When he wanted to, hes was the most dominant player on the court. His skill levels that of an high school baller. He has nice handles, can stroke it and pass it off the dribble are from in the post. With hie skill set and length, he can play multiple positions.

2021 Chance Perkins G/F 6' (Brookside Intermediate) Webster, TX

He's still raw and learning the game, but Chance is competing better against elite level talent. His shooting form is looking better and he's hitting his jumper with more consistency. His defensive games also picking up.

2021 Ellijah Jackson G 5'10 (Mason Middle) Mason, OH

He was a competitive all weekend. He had solid handles and a very good feel for the game. He seemed to make the right pass and knew when to take the jumper or attack the basket.

2021 Harrison Kelly G 5'11 (Riverdale) Germantown, TN

He by far had the sweetest stroke in camp. He was hitting from everywhere on the court. He knoked them when wide open and contested. He showed more skills in station work, but that didn't translate to the games.

2021 Keyren Spiller Jr. F/C (Center Middle) Kansas City, MO

He's a physical speciman for his age. He has good height, a great body and good athleticism for his age. When he uses all that, hes a dominating player. I just saw him take to many jumpers and thats not his strength.

2021 Jaden Pryce G/F 6' (Roy H Mann) Brooklyn, NY

When he steps on the court his look could fool you. Now when that ball goes up hes a baller. He can handle it and was very good when pressured. He was very good at navigating in traffic and making plays. He's one of those players that has sneaky athleticism. All I can say the young man from Brooklyn is a baller.

2021 Steve Strong Jr. G 5'11 (University Academy) Kansas City, MO

He's strong- quick strong physical guard who plays hard all the time. Speed is his elite talent right now. Outside shot must improve for him to progress to the level I believe he can get to.

2022 Larry Hughes Jr. G 5'6 (Whitfield) St. Louis, MO

He's a long 5'6 with a very good understanding of the game. Hes an efficient scorer, who wasn't forcing nothing. He made his teammates better and showed he wasn't intimidated by some of the older and bigger kids, he more then held his own.

2022 Joshua Caruthers G 4'8 (St. Johns) Houston, TX

He may have been the most intense and focus kid at the camp. He tenacious on both ends. He has no problem attacking the basket are stroking from deep, regardless of his height. I just straight love this kids competivenes.

2022 Jett Howard G/F 5'9 (Gulliver Prep) Miami, FL

He's been attending camp the last couple years in Houston and his games seems to steadiy improve. He's handling the ball better. His shots more consistent and seems more comfotable playing against older kids. He got to the basket numerous times and finish.

2022 Cameron Amboree G 5'3 Houston, TX

He's a camp veteran. He always stands out in station work at camps. He's a very aggressive and emotional pont guard. He has very good handles and can score in bunches.

2022 Sean-Chris Tresvant G 5' (Rosemont Ridge) Portland, OR

He's a very high I.Q. player that has a good understanding of the game at a young age. He's not intimidated by bigger and stronger players. His jump shots looking better and his ball handlings skills have improved. He still needs to get more agressive on defense. He's a player that seem to continually improve.

2022 Andre Casey Jr. F/C 6'4 (Arbor Park MS) Tinley Park, IL

He has loads of potential and talent. Long lean and athletic. 7th grader from Chicago gives good effort changing ends. As he matures and fills out, he will become a better finisher. He must continue working on his ball handling and shooting.

2022 Bryant Handley G 5'2 (Beasley Elementary) Chicago, IL

Tough Chicago guard from Beasley Middle who's produced Derrick Rose and Jabari Parker. High basketball IQ, really gets after it defensively. Outside shot has got to improve for him to reach his potential.