John Lucas Enterprises - Camp Right Way Chicago

September 1, 2016


Written By: Ben Perkins (Top 100 Talent)

Caleb Corro (2021/5’7/135/Elmwood Park, IL) - Solid point guard with excellent handle. Has a real flair for making plays and possesses a high basketball IQ.

Jeremiah Dotson (2021/6’0/145/Brown Deer, WI) - Athletic slasher that played aggressive all weekend. Finished at a high percentage around the rim. Nice frame and has plenty of upside.

Ihsan Duncan (2021/5’11/160/Hampton, VA) - Elusive guard that made a living getting in the paint. Finished strong at the rim through contact and ran the team well.

Jett Howard (2022/5’9/135/Miami, FL) - Long guard that has a shifty handle. Shoots the ball efficiently and has a quiet release. Has improved finishing ability in the paint.

Elijah Jackson (2021/5’10/145/Mason, OH) - Athletic wing that showed off a variety of moves in the paint. Rebounded at a high rate and pushed the ball to create transition opportunities.

Daylan Jours (2021/6’2/140/Wichita, KS) - Great athlete with a ton of upside. Possessed strong handle and was able to finish in the paint with high frequency.

Jaylen McDaniel (2021/6’4/180/Lee Summit, IL) - Long and athletic. Showed good ball skills in transition and is capable of making plays for others. Was aggressive and played above the rim.

Kevin Miller (2021/5’3/105/Chicago, IL) - Crafty and creative ball-handler that is ultra-aggressive. Very good floor vision off the dribble. Showed he can knock down the 3.

Preston Murphy, Jr. (2021/5’7/130/Omaha, NE) - Displayed superior ball skills and had great feel for when to make plays for himself and his teammates. Finished in the paint at a high level.

George Pettaway (2021/5’4/170/Carrolton, VA) - Strong, aggressive guard that did a good job of pushing the tempo. Finished well at the rim and made plays for teammates.

Freedom Rhames (2021/5’5/2021/Los Angeles, CA) - Guard with great vision and a solid frame. Showed a nice ability to create space and knock down mid-range jumpers.

Calvin Schmeling (2021/6’2/140/Milwaukee, WI) - Long, smooth athlete that was aggressive and consistent attacking the rim. Possesses high IQ and has balanced overall game.

Jimmy Scholler (2021/6’0/145) - Strong forward with a commanding post presence that set the tone for his team on the boards and blocked shots on defense.

Tevin Smith (2021/6’3’160/Danville, IL) - Has all the tools to be a nice prospect. Showed explosiveness with his first step and made several plays above the rim.

Steve Strong, Jr. (2021/5’10/135/Kansas City, MO) - Strong point guard with the ability to punish defenders in transition. Nice ball skills that allowed him to handle defensive pressure.

Daelyn Williams (2021/5’7/115/Spring, TX) - Tenacious on-ball defender that made several plays leading to fast break opportunities. Was equally effective attacking the paint.

Cameron Amboree (2022/5’3/90/Houston, TX) - Skilled point guard whose 3-point shooting keeps defenders off balance. Growing in his ability to make plays versus aggressive defense.

Austin Benigni (2022/5’5/110/The Woodlands, TX) - Tough, aggressive point guard that showed tremendous hustle and the ability to get into paint when needed.

Larison LaMette (2022/5’8/110/Cypress, TX) - Confident point guard with a nice shooting touch and the confidence to attack to paint and create. Has vastly improved his on-ball defense.

Jaden Pryce (2022/6’0/150/Brooklyn, NY) - Long athlete with great speed and crafty finishing around the rim. Very elusive handle that allows him to make all the plays he needs.