John Lucas Top 160

By: Darnell "Tate"Johnson (All Metro Hoops)

Some of the nations top girls highlight showcase

John Lucas has run some the best boy's camps in the country, came as no surprise when he launched his first ever all-girls camp with similar results. I was highly impressed.

From top to bottom this camp may have had the highest number of D1 prosepcts of any Lucas camp that I have had the pleasure to cover. My estimates and I mean just my estimates, project over 10 future McDonald's All-Americans with as many as 100 plus D1 players. Now understand, I don't cover girls a lot, but talent is talent and that's something I know about.

With all talent in camp, this was just a few standout players:

2017 Rennia Davis 6'1 G/F (Ribault) Jacksonville, FL

I know I don't see the high school girls as much as I would like, but Davis was very very impressive. I know their were a number of players in the camp ranked ahead of her, but to me, she was by far the most impressive player of the weekend. Now I was informed she doesnt alway play this well and hard. Well I can only go off what I see. She was a killer on both ends. Hopefully she will continue this play, and if so I can see her stock skyrocket.

2017 Magan Walker 6'1 F (Monacan HS) Richmond, VA

Its crazy to think the number one player in her class still has plenty room to improve. She is so versatile, its crazy. She can guard multiple positions and can score in a variety of ways. She can over power you or finesse you. With all that being said, the day she tightens up her handles, her game will go to another level.

2017 Maya Caldwell 6' G/F (Davidson Day) Charlotte, NC

I was impressed with her athleticism and work ethic. She has the body and quickness to finesse you are she can get physical with you. She loves to attack the basket and isn't afraid to take contact. She's a very good facilitator from the wing.

2017 Khayla Pointer 5'7 G (Holy Innocents) Kennesaw, GA

She was definitely one of the most impressive PG in camp. She's lightening quick and gets in the lane at will and whens there, she raises havoc. She has excellent court vision and as much as she raises havoc on the offensive end, she just as disruptive on the defensive side. The ball and the passing lanes were never safe when she was on the court.

2017 Lexi Gordon 6'1 G/F (LD Bell HS) Fort Worth, TX

She came in with a lot of accolades and hype and after the weekend for me it was all warranted. She plays with poise beyond her years. She can score at all thee levels and is deadly beyond the arc. She's very unselfish and gets all her teammates involved. She's a solid defender and plays good position defense.

2017 Alexis Johnson 6'1 G/F (The Kincaid School) Houston, TX

This young ladies game continues to improve from the first time I saw her. She came into the John Lucas lab, talented but intimidated. Well thats way gone. When on the court shes the aggressor. She's skilled and can score on you in a variety of ways. Her jumpers looking much better and she seems to have tighten up her handles.

2017 Shakira Austin 6'4 F/C (Colonial Forge) Fredricksburg, VA

This young lady has a chance to be special. She has great length and the body to go with it. When she wants, she's dominant in the post. She can score in so many ways. She has a soft touch and a very good feet. To me she seemed to get bored at times and that can't continue to happen.

2018 Sedona Prince 6'7 F/C (Liberty Hill HS) Liberty Hill, TX

For a big post player like Prince these type of camps are very hard. She may run the floor three are four times without a touch. What I like about the young lady she never seemd to get upset are discouraged. When she did get the ball, she was still unselfish. She was double teamed 80% of the time and passed out of it and when she wasn't, more than not she made the defense pay. She has a very good 15 footer and a excellent back to the basket game.

2018 Brooke Moore 5'7 G (Henry County HS) McDonough, GA

She's jet quick with wiggles in her hips. She can handle the ball on a string and if you ain't on your game she can embarrass you. She consistently knocked down the midrange jump shot and occasionally knocked down a three ball. She looks like one of the next great point guards from the state of Georgia

2018 Christina Morra 6'3 F (King Christian Collegiate) Mississauga, ON

A big girl with good skills and some potential. She showed a good touch from in close and finished with both hands. She needs to be more physical for her game to take another step. The potentials definitely there.

2018 Xaria Wiggins 6'1 G/F (Princess Anne HS) Virginia Beach, VA

This young lady played with so much enthusiasm and athleticism, that she was a delight to watch. She has so much versatility to her game. She guarded multiple positions. She has decent handles and when she gets to the basket she can get you with a spin move and then scoring with either hand or dropping a floater.

2018 Hannah Barber 5'6 G (Homewood HS) Homewood, AL

This young lady surprised me. She had the wiggle in her game and bought a little cockiness and nastiness to the court. She has mad handles and sees the whole court. She had deep range and got to the cup and finished.

2018 Tehya Lyons 5'8 G (Norcross HS) Norcross, GA

I liked the lefty. She was lightening quick and dribbled the ball on a string. She got to the cup at will and finish. Her name this past weekend was really made on the defensive end, were she was a tencious on ball defender and a ball hawk.

2018 Kate Rice 6' G/F (Red Bank Catholic) Red Bank, NJ

She's a coaches daughter and plays like one. She was very unselfish and picked her spots when to be agressive. She has a pretty stroke and can knock down from deep. She's a very physical defender.

2018 Ariel Young 6'1 G (Lincoln HS) Tallahassee, FL

Her stock might have risen, more than anybody in camp besides D. McCarty to me. She's very versatile and active on both ends. She seemed to always be under control and made very good decisions. She has a very nice stroke and can finish at the basket with either hand. She guarded for 94 feet.

2018 Tyia Singleton 6'2 F (Winter Haven HS) Winter Haven, FL

Miss lady had that workmen like throwback game. She's not going to wow you with her athleticism, but I guarantee you won't out work her. She has great footwork and very nice touch. She has very long wingspan to go with her height.

2018 Morgan Jones 6' G/F (Our Lady Of Mercy) Jonesboro, GA

Shes long and a very versatile defender. I literally watched her guard 5 poisitions this past weekend. On the offensive end she played within herself and most her damage was done around the basket.

2018 Cameron Swartz 5'11 G (Fellowship Christian School)! Marietta, GA

I like this young lady, because she came the court getting buckets and it didn't stop till the end of camp. She didn't care who was guarding her she went at their teeth.

2018 Makayla Dickens 5'9 G (Princess Anne HS) Virginia Beach, VA

She was a favorite of mine in camp. She didn't wow you with her play, but it seemed every time I watched her, she was making play after play. She was great getting her team into the offense and then making the right decision. If you left her open she was money. She has very sneaky handles. She creative with her dribble.

2019 Ashley Owusu 5'11 G (St. Paul IV) Woodbridge, VA

She just has a great feel for the game. She's way poised beyond her years. She reminds me of a male Chauncey Billups. She never gets rattled. She has no problem navigating through traffic and taking the timely shot came easy to her. She just plays way beyond her years

2019 Maddison Griffon 5'4 G (Copperas Cove HS) Copperas Cove, TX

She had very good handles and put the pressure on the defense all weekend. I really liked how she attacked, but she has to learn to play with more pace.

2019 Samantha Brunelle 6'2 G G/F (William Monroe HS) Ruckersville, VA

She had one of the sweetest strokes in camp. She had NBA three point range. What makes her so good she can also put it on the floor and make stuff happen. She's a very good passer off the dribble. She's a solid defender.

2019 DaJinae McCarty 5'7 G (Cedar Hill) DeSota, TX

Her stock my have risen more than anyone at the camp. I don't know what high major offers she has now, but whatever they are, there about to really blow up. She first caught my eye in one on one drills in station work. She was totally dominant. She blew past her opponent over and over and on the flip side she was a headache with her on the ball defense. Well when games started there were no drop off. She continued to do what she wanted on both ends. She can handle it, stroke it and got to the cup at will. She has excellent court vision.

2019 Kennedi Jackson 6'3 C (Ursuline Academy) New Orleans, LA

This young lady has great personality and a very good work ethic. She came wanting to get better and it showed. She worked her behind off in stations and the games. She's still raw, but shes young and the skies the limit.

2019 Jena Williams 5'7 G (Bartlesville HS) Bartlesville, OK

She's a high I.Q guard that always seemed to make the right play. I never saw her get rattled. She has excellent court vision. She made passes that I definitley saw nothing there. She's very scrappy and plays with a ton of confidence. Don't get it twisted, she can shoot the rock.

2020 Daisha Kelly 5'6 G (Johnson HS) San Antonio, TX

First and foremost this young ladies a competitor. She went hard at everyone put in front of her. She's smooth, has a good feel and a nice stroke. Her I.Q is so high for her age and thats phenomenal. I haven't seen to many young players male or female that know how to play the game with pace like she does.

2020 Myra Gordon 6' G (LD Bell HS) Fort Worth, TX

As good as her older sister may be and she holds scholarship offer from UCONN, Myra may wind up better. She already has a sweet stroke an can put it on the floor. Now she must get stronger and work on her handles and I believe they should come.

2020 Lisa Tesson 5'6 G (Lucien-Page HS) Montreal, Quebec

I like this little young lady. She came all the way from Canada and competed with the big girls. She guarded from start of camp until the finish. She has very good court vision and knew how to get it to the open player. She didn't shoot alot but when she did, she was fairly consistent.

2021 Honesty Scott-Grayson 5'8 G ( St. Paul IV) Laurel, MD

She may have been the youngest in camp, but she didn't just hold her own she stood out. She has a touch of nastiness and she stays on the attack and showed she could knock down the 3 ball.